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Parental Consent Form

Parental Consent Form (for students under 18 years of age)

Student Details

Please provide any additional information which may be useful to help this student’s transition to University. Please note: this information will be held in Student Affairs and only shared with other Services as necessary:

Nominated Emergency Contact

(This person should be living in the United Kingdom and over the age of 21 years) These details will be held on record by Student Wellbeing. All students are also requested to provide emergency contact details as part of their registration with the University, on the student information system. In an Emergency, please contact:


I have appointed the following to have guardianship of my child while they are studying at Queen’s University Belfast and are under the age of 18: This is strongly recommended, particularly for students who will remain under 18 in second semester and are not living with their parent or legal guardian.
Please note that confirmation of a student residing with a parent or legal guardian, or a private fostering arrangement assessed by Social Services, is a requirement for students who will be under the age of 16 on their first day of studies.


I, the parent/guardian, declare that I have read and accept the above conditions.