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Senior Academy Project Assignment Event

On Thursday 18th June, the Senior Academy Team hosted their second event for the SA8 participants this year.

Following on from the Senior Academy Induction event that took place in April, the Senior Academy team went online once more with their SA8 participants. 


This time, the event was focused on the importance of group work and some of the key skills surrounding it. The participants also received a wellbeing and resilience presentation, as well as learning a bit more about Queen's University through a quiz.


The Graduate interns, Outreach Assistants and Outreach Officers were all involved in delivering the event and the team effort made it an engaging and enjoyable event. The second half of the day involved introducing the SA8 participants to their facilitators who will be working with them over the course of four weeks, in July and August, to work with them to create a Group Project based on their chosen subject area of interest.


It was great to see the participants engaging with enthusiasm and interacting with both the facilitators and each other despite having to do so through a computer screen. Despite being unable to carry out their residential in person, it has been a challenging yet extremely rewarding experience for the SA Team and the WPU Team as a whole to engage with their students and still receive the same level of enthusiasm and interest.