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Check out our Pathway Opportunity Programme information booklet for 2021, detailing all of the information and details you will need before applying for the programme or encourgaing someone else to.

Materials for Prospective Students 2021


Pre-recorded Presentation 2021

A downloadable presentation for schools to give students more information about the Pathway Opportunity Programme.


School Presentation 2021

A pre-recorded presentation from the Pathway Programme that can be sent to, or played to groups of prospective students interested in the Pathway Opportunity Programme.

Pathway Programme Details 2021


Pathway 2021 Short Flyer for Schools
A shortened flyer version of our information booklet that is easily printed for schools.

Pathway Courses Available 2021
A listing of courses available in each of the Pathways.

Key Dates 2021
A schedule of the key events in the Pathway Opportunity Programme 2021.