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Check out our Pathway Opportunity Programme information booklet for 2022, detailing all of the information and details you will need before applying for the programme or encourgaing someone else to apply.

Materials for Prospective Students 2022

 Pre-Recorded Video Presentation 2022

A video presentation for schools to give students more information about the Pathway Opportunity Programme.

Pathway - School Presentation 2022

A PDF version of the PowerPresentation covering the Pathway Opportunity Programme.

Pathway - Full School Presentation - with Notes - 2022

A full PowerPoint School Presentation (32MB) with notes.

Pathway Programme Details 2022

Click below for links to more Pathway Programme Material for 2022.

Pathway - Short Flyer 2022
A shortened flyer version of our information booklet that is easily printed for schools.

Pathway - Courses available to Students 2022
A listing of courses available in each of the Pathways.

Pathway Key Dates updated May 2022
A schedule of the key events in the Pathway Opportunity Programme 2022.

Pathway - Postcode Checker 2022
A document to search to determine if a postcode meets the Pathway Section B criteria.

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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Click here to find information to support you on our VLE systems

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