Location & Parking

Key places to look out for:

  • Student Guidance Centre (38) - Payments can be made at the Student Finance office located on the first floor.
  • Administration Building (3) - Academic costume and ticket collection from the Gown Store level 1. 
  • Whitla Hall (7) - This is where the Ceremonies will take place.
  • South Dining Hall (6) - This Hall will become the Graduation Information Point housing photography, wayfinding and robe pinning. The side entrance of the Whitla Hall is located between this Hall and the Whitla Hall. The Seating List will be displayed outside the door. Please note, the South Dining Hall will close 30 minutes before each ceremony.
  • Lanyon Building (1) - The Garden Parties will take place, just through the entrance, in the Quadrangle area.
  • Students' Union (25) - For Graduation Photography, visit the SPACE in the Students' Union.



Disabled/mobility car access is permitted on the day of your ceremony to enable graduands/guests to alight from vechicles as close to the Sir William Whitla Hall as possible. (Disability/mobility)** car parking spaces may also be available on a first come first served basis on the campus, howvere, please note that car parking is limited during the busy graduation period.

Any queries regarding parking for Graduation must be put to the Security team on 028 9097 5099.

Externally charged car parking is also available close to the campus during the graduation period, also on a first come first served basis.

The Belfast City Council website will provide you with information on car parks throughout the city.