Comment and analysis from researchers at Queen's

Report: Beyond Silence and Stigma

Queen's researcher Dr Sunneva Gilmore, along with colleagues, has produced a report on Crafting a Gender-Sensitive Approach for Victims of Sexual Violence in Domestic Reparation Programmes

Colloquium: Transformation for Sustainability

Gender and its intersections within participation in higher education, Kolkata, 10-11 February 2020, co-convened by Dr Dina Zoe Belluigi from Queen's and Dr Nandita Banerjee Dhawan from Jadavpur University.

Project: Gender, Justice and Security Hub

Professor Fionnuala Ní Aoláin from Queen's is working on the UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub

Blog: Attitudes to Transgender People in Northern Ireland. The Importance of Survey Data

The Northern Ireland Life and Times survey asked questions to gauge public attitudes towards trans people. Dr Gail Neil from Ulster University and Dr Siobhan McAlister from Queen's explore the survey's findings and their significance.

Article: Intersectionality and the Notion of Disability in EU discrimination law

Dr Dagmar Schiek examines how defining disability is particularly challenging within EU discrimination law.

Book: The Irish Abortion Journey, 1920-2018

This book, by Prof Diane Urquhart, frames the Irish abortion narrative within the history of women's reproductive health and explores the similarities and differences that shaped the history of abortion within the two states on the island of Ireland.

Article: Gendering the Law of Occupation: The Case of Cyprus

Dr Fionnuala Ni Aolain examines how there is little sustained legal analysis of women’s rights, obligations and challenges under occupation as well as no lasting analysis of the structural limits and gender capture of the law of occupation

Paper: The Space In-between: The Gendered Marginalisation of Women’s Custodial Remand

Dr Gillian McNaull examines the issue of women’s custodial remand in Northern Ireland, contextualised within the broader global arena of remand imprisonment.

Podcast: Sex Work and Criminalisation

Dr Gillian McNaull interviews Graham Ellison and Dr Caoimhe Ní Dhónaill on their recent report: – ‘A review of the criminalisation of paying for sexual services in Northern Ireland’.

Article: Abortion Activism, Legal Change, and Taking Feminist Law Work Seriously

Abortion laws in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have recently undergone radical reform. This article, by researcher Dr Katherine McNeilly, focuses attention on what is called the ‘feminist law work’ involved in reform.

QOG - Online Platform

Report: Some considerations when using online/distant technology for service provision

This report by Dr Maria Pentaraki looks at some considerations when using online/distant technology for service provision in the field of domestic and sexual violence

Book Review: Anti–Gender Campaigns in Europe

Dr Ulrike Vieten reviews the book Anti–Gender Campaigns in Europe: Mobilising against Equality by Roman Kuhar and David Paternotte

Report: Written submission to UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women

Written submission: UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences on 'The Adequacy of the International Legal Framework on Violence Against Women' by Dr Yassin Brunger and Dr Eithne Dowds

Book: Gender and Citizenship

Dr Maria-Adriana Deiana's book examines Gender and Citizenship. Promises of Peace in Post-Datyon Bosnia-Herzegovina

Chapter: Extending Acts of Motherhood: Storytelling as Resistance to Stigma

In this chapter in 'Troubling Motherhood: Maternality in Global Politics', Dr Jamie Hagen highlights the different ways mothers engage in storytelling to resist stigma, while also rejecting the idea that they are “bad” mothers.