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In accordance with Queen’s University Social Media Policies, all University affiliated social media accounts must be registered. This includes any site that by its nature of content or look could be affiliated with Queen’s. The University reserves the right to monitor University affiliated social media sites and, where necessary, request the removal of sites that reflect negatively on the University.

You should read the Social Media Policy for Staff or Students ( as appropriate before completing this form. If you require advice on the use of social media at Queens, please contact

Social Media Account Registration Form
Yes Public Restricted Do NOT include

Approval for site

Has been approved

Note: This person will be contacted in order to confirm that they have approved the creation of the site.

Administrator details

Note: A site administrator is anyone who helps to manage the site and has access to the login details for the site. Please see the Social Media Policy for Staff or Students for more information on the responsibilities of site administrators (

First Administrator

Second Administrator

Note: It is recommended that staff members who are site administrators attend the Managing a University Social Media Site course provided by the IT Training and Assessment Unit (