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Everything you'll need to know about your tuition fees, available bursaries, scholarships and more.

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International students

Tuition fees

Queen's offers lower tuition fees and living expenses than many other similarly well-regarded universities in the United Kingdom. The fees you will pay will vary depending on the course you choose and the level of study.

Detailed information on International tuition fees is available at

Payment of Fees

A summary of the fee payment requirements for 2019 entry is outlined below. 

As a condition of completing the registration process all students must either:

a) provide evidence of sponsorship or scholarship from a government or other official organisation. All sponsor letters should be submitted by 11 October 2019.


b) on enrolment, pay the total annual fee


c) on enrolment, pay a minimum 25% of the total annual fee, and the balance in three equal amounts, on the last working day of November 2019, January 2020 and March 2020, inclusive, or within four working days of each. Registration will be completed following a minimum payment for the direct debit option. This payment option is only available to those students who have a current account with a UK bank, which is recognised by the Direct Debit Scheme. Students who need to open a current account with a UK bank can do so once registered. Students must sign and submit a Direct Debit Mandate with their bank account details by 11 October 2019.

Please note that cash will not be accepted at any of the registration sites. Students can pay by cheque, bank draft, credit/debit card (excluding American Express) – see Methods of Payment below.

Students will not be permitted to commence their studies until these procedures have been completed.

Methods of Payment

Fees can be paid by the following methods ONLY:

  1. STERLING BANK DRAFT - payment can be made by sterling draft, drawn on a UK bank and made payable to “Queen’s University Belfast”.
  2. Payment by CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. Most major credit cards are accepted by the University, except American Express and Laser Cards. Care should be taken to ensure that the credit card limit is sufficient to cover the required payment of tuition fee, and that notification has been given to your bank/credit card company prior to payment.
  3. Students may open a current bank account in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This will require the presentation of the student’s passport as a means of identification together with proof of a Northern Ireland address. Bank account details may then be telephoned home so that money may be sent to that account by telegraphic transfer. In normal circumstances this takes approximately four days and is cleared immediately. A CHEQUE may then be written on this account.

Please remember that cash will not be accepted at any of the registration sites.

Please consult the Student Finance website for full details of Payment Methods.

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Financing your studies

Scholarship Programmes

Queen’s offers a range of scholarships for international students. 

Find out more by visiting

Rebecca Clarke, Library Assistant, McClay Library

International students

Living expenses

As a guide, students from outside the British Isles are advised that a sum of £7,500 - £8,500 (excluding tuition fees) is normally required to cover a student's needs for one academic year. However, it should be noted that students in certain departments are required to purchase instruments or equipment or attend field courses. The funds required to cover such equipment may be additional to the above sum. Furthermore, the sum suggested does not take account of the funds necessary for the support of any dependants a student may have.  The overall cost of attendance will vary depending on lifestyle. More information about the cost of living in Belfast can be found here.


If students have any queries with regard to the fee payment arrangements they should in the first instance contact the Income and Student Finance Office in the Finance Department on +44 (0) 28 9097 2767. Please note that students will not be able to complete the registration process at the beginning of the academic year unless one of the three payment options noted in section 2 above in has been complied with.

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Need more support?

Students' Union

Help and advice with any aspect of Student Finance can be sought from Connie Craig, Students’ Union Financial Adviser -

Guidance and advice on general money management such as how to live on a budget or how best to deal with your student debt, can be obtained from Debbie Forsey, Students’ Union Money Management Adviser -

Connie, Debbie and Students’ Union Education and Welfare Adviser, Brian are based in the Students’ Union Advice Centre on the 2nd floor of the Students’ Union building.