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Enrolment and Registration

When you arrive

Online Registration

All students are required to complete ONLINE registration at the start of each academic year via the Qsis Registration Portal.

The 2023/24 portal is due to open:

- 10.00am on Monday 4 September for new Undergraduate students

- 10.00am on Wednesday 6 September for new and returning Postgraduate students

- 10.00am on Thursday 7 September for returning Year 2 Undergraduate students

- 2.00pm on Thursday 7 September for returning Year 3+ Undergraduate students

All the details you need are listed below:

  • Getting your student number and password

    You will receive a Welcome email which will include such details as your student number and password.  This will also give dates of when the Qsis Registration Portal will be open for you, and you should commence the online part of the registration process as soon as you have access to the portal.

  • QSIS and the Registration Portal

    You can log on to QSIS using the credentials details included in your Welcome email – the username is your student number, and the password is the one listed in your email.  It is recommended that this password is used to complete all steps of the registration process – if required you can then change your password by clicking on “Change Password” on your Queen’s Online account.

    If you are an international student, you will be able to complete the online registration up until the immigration document check stage.  A hold will be in place until Immigration Support Service carry out a document check.  Part of this process will involve you uploading pictures of your current immigration documentation – these will then be checked by the Compliance Team in Immigration Support Service. When the check is complete the hold will be lifted allowing you to continue with online registration.

    It is recommended that you periodically check the Registration Portal to find out if the document check has been completed and if you are able to continue with the registration process.

  • Selecting modules and finance

    The next steps of registration are selecting modules and finance i.e. how you are paying your fees.  If you have any issues with module selection please email for guidance and if you have any problem completing the financial step of online registration please email for guidance.

Instructional Videos

You can watch instructional videos for each step of enrolment and registration here.

New Students (Or Starting a New Programme of Study)

  • Matriculation

    If you are a new student to the University or starting a new programme of study, you will complete Online Registration and must also complete Matriculation to be fully registered. This is the process of verifying your identification and qualifications. Please ensure you apply for any required documentation well in advance.

    Students complete matriculation on campus, as this process includes the collection of your student ID card. If you are completing on-site matriculation you must book an appointment at our Registration Centre in advance, unless your School has already made an appointment on your behalf. Please check your Queen’s emails before booking an appointment.

    Registration will take place at various venues throughout the semester - please refer to your Welcome email or appointment booking for the current registration building. 

    Booking links will be provided on the final step of Online Registration in Qsis.

  • What you need to complete the Matriculation stage
    • Qualification check

     For students completing matriculation please bring original physical documentary evidence of entrance qualifications (except where these are an award issued by Queen’s University Belfast or provided directly by UCAS) and a certified English translation where applicable. Scans or photos will not be accepted in person.

    • Identification check

    You must present an approved form of identification (listed below). No other forms of identification will be accepted

    UK/ROI Students: All documents from one of the groups.

    Group 1

    A current UK/ROI passport

    An original Deed Poll or marriage certificate to evidence a change of name, if applicable.

    Group 2

    Original Full Birth Certificate issued in the UK which includes the name of at least one of the holder's parents AND

    An original official document issued by a Government Agency or previous employer giving the student’s National Insurance Number and name e.g. National Insurance card; Letter from HM Revenue & Customs about Tax or Tax Credit; Letter from Job & Benefits Office; P45 or P60; Payslips; AND

    Current Driving Licence issued in the UK or the Republic of Ireland AND

    An original Deed Poll or marriage certificate to evidence a change of name, if applicable.

     Group 3

    Original Full Birth Certificate issued in the Republic of Ireland which includes the name of at least one of the holder's parents AND

    Current Driving Licence issued in the UK or the Republic of Ireland AND

    An original Deed Poll or marriage/civil partnership certificate to evidence a change of name, if applicable.

    No other forms of identification will be accepted.

    EU Nationals with settled/pre-settled status: Passport, indefinite leave to remain permission, and a share code provided by the government so that we can verify your status. Further information about share codes can be found here:

    All other International Students: Passport and Immigration Documentation

    All other international students will need to supply any current immigration documentation you have at present and complete the arrival questionnaire link you have been sent. Immigration Support Services staff will then check these before allowing you to proceed and complete your registration.  Immigration Support Services will contact you if they require any further information prior to completing the check.

  • Completing registration

    Once you have completed all stages listed above you will be fully registered with Queen's.

    Successful completion of all stages of registration will be confirmed to you by email to your Queen's email address. You can also check your status at any time by logging into Qsis and checking the Registration Tile.

    If you have any queries, please email us at, or call our Student Helpline on +44(0)28 9097 3223.

  • Nursing and Midwifery students

    For new undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery students, the School will be in touch via email regarding Enrolment and Registration, and this will have full details of what you will need to do next. For more information please click below.

    Nursing & Midwifery Enrolment & Registration Information

Need Assistance? Get support with the Student Helpline

All students will be in receipt of an email from us with details on the registration process. You can also refer to our FAQs and guides if you are experiencing difficulties.

Can't find the information you are looking for?

Student Helpline Phone +44(0)28 9097 3223
Student Helpline Email
Student Information Point One Elmwood, 1st floor
Facebook/Twitter QUB Student Services

Enrolment & Registration FAQs

QSIS For Students

Qsis is the Queen's University Student Information System which holds all core details about a student's classes, fees, enrolments, admissions, transcripts/HEAR and Degree Plus for the University.  Find out more about QSIS. 

Forms and Letters Required 

Throughout your time at Queen's you may require an official University letter, some of which may need to be personalised, such as a letter to open a bank account or to apply for a visa, if you are planning on visiting another country. 

When applying for a GP registration, National Insurance Number, or a driving license, you can use your Registered Student Letter. 

Further details on the types of forms and letters available can be found below. 

We can provide a letter for your bank to confirm that you are a Queen's University Student.  

  • Forms

    The staff at the Student Information Point, First Floor, One Elmwood can stamp and authorise certain documents to confirm your student status and attendance at Queen’s University.  These can include:-

    • DSA forms
    • Translink forms
    • Sponsorship forms
    • Pension forms

    Any form that requires confirmation of payment or fee amounts should be emailed to

  • Letters

    The Student Registry in One Elmwood can provide a variety of letters which include:-

    • A Confirmation of Attendance letter
    • Visa Letter
    • GP letter
    • Completion letter
    • Withdrawal letter
    • Leave of Absence letter

    Find out more about Attendance and Education Letters

    A Confirmation of Attendance letter can be used to confirm your student status and can be used for various reasons e.g. to open a bank account, confirm attendance to a Sponsor etc.  

    A letter can also be produced for any local or on-line bank with the exception of Bank of Ireland and Barclays.

    Please note - With the exception of DSA forms a student is required to be fully enrolled before a form can be stamped or a letter produced.

    Watch our Enrolment and Registration video guides