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Enrolment & Registration

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All Students

Online Registration

Students are required to complete ONLINE registration at the start of each academic year via the Qsis Registration Portal.

If you are a new student to the University or starting a new course, you will receive a 'Welcome Email' with full instructions from late August onwards for September starts, and early December for January starts. 

If you are a returning student in September you will receive an email when the Registration Portal is live. If you return at another point in the year the portal will already be open to you and you can login in with your usual credential.s 

If registration is not fully completed by the end of the fourth week of the semester, you may be withdrawn from the University. If you wish to re-register and are permitted to do so by your School, a re-registration fee of £50 will be charged.

Depending on your programme of study, you may be allowed to choose your modules, when using the Registration Portal. Please note that this differs vastly between programmes and Schools. You must check your Queen's email on an ongoing basis, following receipt, to find out what is required regarding enrolment.

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New Students (Or Starting a New Programme of Study)


If you are a new student to the University or starting a new programme of study, you will complete Online Registration and must also complete Matriculation to be fully registered. This is the process of verifying your identification and qualifications. 

Please click "Read more" directly below for important information:

All new students have the option of completing matriculation either on-site or remotely.

On-site Appointment

Students complete matriculation on campus, as this process includes the collection of your student ID card. If you are completing on-site matriculation you must book an appointment at our Registration Centre in advance, unless your School has already made an appointment on your behalf. Please check your Queen’s emails before booking an appointment.

On-site registration will take place at various venues throughout the semester - please refer to your Welcome email or appointment booking for the current registration building. 

Remote Appointment

All new students unable to be on campus at the start of the year will be able to complete matriculation by booking a remote appointment. You will upload the necessary documents during your Online Registration. We will telephone you during the appointment slot to complete the necessary steps. 

If you book a remote appointment you will later collect your student card on presentation of your identification in person, when you first attend campus. 

Booking links will be provided on the final step of Online Registration in Qsis.


This is what you will need to complete the Matriculation stage:

  • Identification check

You must present or upload an approved form of identification (listed below). No other forms of identification will be accepted

Immigration Document Check – International Students (non-UK/ROI students)

All international students will need to upload pictures or copies of any current immigration documentation, you have at present and complete the arrival questionnaire link you have been sent. International Student Support staff will then check these before allowing you to proceed and complete your registration.  International Student Support will contact you if they require any further information prior to completing the check and you will receive an email confirming when this check has been completed.

Approved Identification - All other students:

Group 1

A current UK/ROI passport

Group 2

Original Full Birth Certificate issued in the UK which includes the name of at least one of the holder's parents AND

An original official document issued by a Government Agency or previous employer giving the student’s National Insurance Number and name e.g. National Insurance card; Letter from HM Revenue & Customs about Tax or Tax Credit; Letter from Job & Benefits Office; P45 or P60; Payslips; AND

Current Driving Licence issued in the UK or the Republic of Ireland AND

An original Deed Poll or marriage certificate to evidence a change of name, if applicable.

 Group 3

Original Full Birth Certificate issued in the Republic of Ireland which includes the name of at least one of the holder's parents AND

Current Driving Licence issued in the UK or the Republic of Ireland AND

An original Deed Poll or marriage/civil partnership certificate to evidence a change of name, if applicable.

No other forms of identification will be accepted.


  • Qualification check

 For students completing on-site matriculation please bring original documentary evidence of entrance qualifications (except where these are provided directly by UCAS) and a certified English translation where applicable. Scans or photos will not be accepted in person.

 For students completing remote matriculation you should upload digital copies of the documents requested above during Stage 1 Online Registration. You will then collect your student card in person at a later stage if coming to campus.


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Once you have completed all stages you will be fully registered with Queen's.

Successful completion of all stages of registration will be confirmed to you by email to your Queen's email address. You can also check your status at any time by logging into Qsis and checking the Dashboard on the main home page.

If you have any queries, please email us at, or call our Student Helpline on +44(0)28 9097 3223.


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Need Assistance? Get support with the Student Helpline

All students will be in receipt of an email from us with details on the registration process. You can also refer to our FAQs and guides if you are experiencing difficulties.

Can't find the information you are looking for?

Student Helpline Phone +44(0)28 9097 3223
Student Helpline Email
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Nursing and Midwifery students

For new undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery students, the School will be in touch via email regarding Enrolment & Registration , and this will have full details of what you will need to do next. For more information please click below.

Nursing & Midwifery Enrolment & Registration Information

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