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Nursing-Coordinator Support for Studies

Nursing-Coordinator Support for Studies

There is capacity within the NICRF core staff to provide nursing support for Studies/Trials.

NICRF nursing staff can collaborate with the Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network (NICRN) coordinator staff to share the coordination of Studies/Trials, or, if appropriate/if required, the NICRF can lead the coordination of Studies/Trials.

Depending on the skill level required and, in agreement with the NICRF, the activity may be costed at either a Clinical Band 3/7, Clerical/Administrative (Grade 5) or Technical, (Grade 6).  In general, where available, activities will be as per local/UK Intensity Tool timings and costed as per NIHR costing template.  All consumables used will be charged.

Our staff can provide support for clinical trials under the following three broad categories:

  • General Research support – clinical/administrative tasks
  • Direct Clinical Trial Coordinator support e.g. in  collaboration with NICRN/University Group
  • Lead Clinical Trial Coordinator support

List of clinical activities (up-to-date as of September 2018)*

Clinical support

  • Blood sampling
  • Blood sample processing
  • Blood Sugar monitoring
  • Cannulation and IV infusion
  • Collection medication from Pharmacy
  • ECGs
  • Questionnaire administration 
  • Overnight observation
  • Vital signs
  • Walking tests
  • Multiple Breath Washout
  • Spirometry
  • FeNO
  • Bronchoscopy recovery
  • Nutrition
  • iDXA bone density and body composition
  • Bodystat

Operational support

Operational Support activities:

  • Liaison with Principal Investigators and Research Coordinators
  • Study set-up
  • Application process
  • Costing Template
  • ITool completion
  • Intensity Tool
  • Reception support
  • Booking participants' appointments
  • Data and IT requirements
  • Procurement, servicing and maintenance of equipment and resources
  • Technical Support
  • Advertising new studies, listed on NICRF website, via social media
  • Obtaining medical notes
  • ECR completion
  • Site File Maintenance

* The tasks above provide examples only and is not an exhaustive list.  Staff are prepared to undertake additional training to meet service need of PIs. 



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