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Admissions Test

Admissions Test Online

If you would like to try out the online version of the IPLS Admissions Test from December 2018, please follow the instructions below. Please note that the 2019 admissions test will be using the same online system. The narrative will be in hard copy. 

1. Admissions Test - December 2018 Narrative

2. To access the online system please visit the following link:

3. This link will take you to the Questionmark login screen which will look like Image 1 below.

Image1 - Questionmark online login page

 IPLS Entrace Image QuestionMark

3. To access Sections A-C and Section D of the IPLS Admissions test from December 2018, please enter any of the username and password combinations listed in Table 1 below.  Please note:  Other students may be viewing this online test at the same time, so on occasion you may see the option to continue an assessment, if this happens please click the icon under the Start column to get a new attempt.

Table 1 - Login details for Questionmark

IPLStest1 IPLSDemoX1
IPLStest2 IPLSDemoX2
IPLStest3 IPLSDemoX3
IPLStest4 IPLSDemoX4
IPLStest5 IPLSDemoX5