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Welcome Message from Head of School

As a member of our PCEP Forum you are an integral part of our team. Myself, my Colleagues and our Students see you as an Expert by Experience - we value your input and respect the insight you give us into our professional practice. 

With more than thirty years’ experience as a registered nurse, I can honestly tell you that through the input of people like you, I have learned more than in any textbook. The voice of patients and caregivers has inspired my own educational journey and shaped my programme of research. I firmly believe that you can also give that gift to our students. 

We are really proud that our PCEP group plays an active role in every aspect of our School. Indeed, the NMC recently commended us for the quality of our partnership working and the Nursing Times awarded ourselves and our colleagues in WAVE a national Partnership of the Year award in 2022. It is great to receive that external recognition, but it is even more important that our students appreciate your input in their education.  

Time and again, they tell us that the lessons they learn from you help them to become better nurses and midwives. You help build their confidence and communication skills. You help them to become professionals that value caring and compassion as a strong foundation to their practice. You are truly shaping the nurses and midwives of the future. Thank you. 



Professor Donna Fitzsimons