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Launch of the QGI Academic and Professional Services Mentoring Programmes

QGI delivers a suite of Mentoring Programmes for women in Queen’s. Our approach is holistic and Mentee-led and has been shaped by feedback from our Mentoring Champions, Mentees and Mentors over many years.

We are excited to share that we recently hosted launch events for our Academic and Professional Services Mentoring Programmes. These events were a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering growth, development, and empowerment for women at Queen's.

Discover the Programmes

Our launch events provided a unique opportunity for participants to dive into the heart of our Academic and Professional Services Mentoring Programmes. Our Mentoring Champions and previous participants shared invaluable insights into the programmes. Participants had the chance to learn about the structure, goals, and the incredible support system our mentoring programmes offer.

Meet Your Mentors

One of the most anticipated moments of the launch events was the opportunity for participants to meet their mentors. Building a strong mentor-mentee relationship is a cornerstone of our programmes, and these events set the stage for those important connections. Participants got to meet the individuals who will guide and support them on their journey to personal and professional growth.

Why Mentoring Matters

Mentoring is more than just a professional relationship; it's a journey of personal and professional growth. It's about sharing experiences, learning from one another, and building a supportive network. Our Academic and Professional Services Mentoring Programmes are designed to empower and uplift individuals.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals with the right guidance and support. The launch events were just the beginning, and we are excited to embark on this journey with our participants.

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