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Dr Zafer Kazanci


Academic Staff

Zafer Kazancı
Dr Zahur Ullah

Deputy Director

Academic Staff

Zahur Ullah
Professor Brian G. Falzon

Now Director of RMIT’s Space Industry Hub in Melbourne.

Academic Staff

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Professor Stephen Hawkins


Academic Staff

Stephen C. Hawkins
Dr. Dan Sun


Academic Staff

Dan Sun
Dr Gasser Abdelal


Academic Staff

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Dr. Humberto Almeida Jr.

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow

Research Staff

Humberto Almeida Jr.
Dr. Mohammed Asmael


Academic Staff

Mohammed Asmael
Mr Mohammad Burhan

PhD student

Postgraduate Students

Mohammad Burhan
Mr Eray Kayar

PhD Student

Postgraduate Students

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Ms. Belinda Babu Joseph

PhD student

Postgraduate Students

Belinda Babu Joseph
Mr. Ruaraidh MacLennan

PhD student

Postgraduate Students

Ruaraidh MacLennan
Mr. Apostolos Parlamas

PhD Student

Postgraduate Students

Apostolos Parlamas
Mr Jia Ge

PhD Student

Postgraduate Students

Jia Ge
Mr. Ertuğrul SARI

PhD student

Postgraduate Students

Ertuğrul Sari
Mr. Tom Fisher

PhD student

Postgraduate Students

Tom Fisher
Dr Sedat Süsler

Post-doctoral researcher

Research Staff

Sedat Susler
Mr. Christopher Sutcu

PhD student

Postgraduate Students

Christopher Sutcu
Former Group Members

Dr. Lei (Ray) Wan - Research Associate at University of Bristol, Bristol Composites Institute

Dr. Tommaso Scalici - Lecturer at University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Lugano, Switzerland

Dr. Clare Burnett - Engineer at Camlin Group, Lisburn

Dr. Massimiliano Russello - Senior Researcher in Advanced Materials at AIMEN Innovation and Technology Centre, Spain

Dr. Saleh Pouresmaeeli - Research Associate at the University of Sheffield

Dr. Georg Graninger

Dr. Denis Dalli - H2020 Individual Research Fellow at University of Porto

Dr. Daniel Higgins - Engineer at Thales, Belfast

Dr. Emer McAleavy - Research Engineer, Artemis Technologies Limited

Dr. Adriana Sierra Romero - Research Assistant at Newcastle University

Dr. Sandeep Kumar -  Materials Scientist-Polymers at Jacobs

Dr. Stephen Smith - Software Engineer at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dr. Hong Ma (Lecturer at Cranfield University) 

Ms. Joanne Campbell - Technology Consultant - Financial Services at PwC

Mr. Suhail Attar - Lecturer at Robert Gordon University

Dr. Farzaneh Hassani - Scientist at Cambridge Display Technology

Dr. Daye Sun

Dr. Luís Filipe Tavares Portela Vasques Varandas - Composite Stress Specialist at Airbus

Dr. Evmorfia Diamanti (Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2016-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Research Scientist at ZapGo Ltd

Dr. Sascha Serno (Project Manager 2017-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Project Manager at Nagra (Switzerland)

Dr. Andrés Nistal (Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2016-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Institute for Materials Discovery, University College London (UK)

Mr. Michael Simpson (PhD student 2017-2018 at Queen's University Belfast)

Dr. Mukul Shukla (Senior Lecturer 2017-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Associate Professor at MNNIT Allahabad (India)

Ms. Xudan Yao (PhD student 2014-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Postdoctoral Research Fellow at National Graphene Institute, The University of Manchester (UK)

Dr. Robert Pierce (PhD student 2011-2015 at Monash University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2015-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Lecturer at University of Nottingham Ningbo (China)

Dr. Hugo Nolan (Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2017-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Research Fellow at Division of Chemistry, University of Southampton (UK)

Mr. Ravi Chitwan (PhD student 2014-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Development Engineer at Coventive Composites (UK)

Mr. Haibao Liu (PhD student 2014-2018 at Queen's University Belfast) - Post-doctoral Fellow at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London (UK)

Mr. Wei Tan (PhD student 2013-2016 at Queen's University Belfast) - Research Associate at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge (UK)

Mr. Daniel Stojanov (PhD student 2012-2016 at Monash University)

Mr. Nelson Muthu (PhD student 2011-2015 at Monash University) - Assistant Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati (India)

Mr. Louis Chiu (PhD student 2011-2015 at Monash University) - Associate Research Fellow at Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University (Australia)

Mr. Ganesh Soni (PhD student 2010-2014 at Monash University) - Senior Lead Engineer at MSC Software (India)

Mr. Jasvipul Chawla (PhD student 2009-2014 at Monash University) - Manager R&D at SEDEMAC Mechatronics (India)

Mr. Spyridon Psarras (PhD student 2008-2011 at Imperial College)

Dr. Andrea Faggiani (PhD student 2004-2008 at Imperial College, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2008-2010 at Monash University) - Senior Structures Engineer at Red Bull Racing & Red Bull Technology

Dr. Irene Guiamatsia (Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2007-2010 at Imperial College) - Research Director at Investment Trends (Australia)

Ms. Paola Apruzzese (PhD student 2005-2008 at Imperial College) - Decision Analytics at EY (Switzerland)

Mr. Matthew Yong (PhD student 2004-2008 at Imperial College)

Ms. Victoria Bloodworth (PhD student 2003-2008 at Imperial College) - Blade Engineer at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (Denmark)

Dr. Sabine Frenz (Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2006-2007 at Imperial College) - Senior Engineer at Element (UK)

Dr. Rosen Tenchev (Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2004-2007 at Imperial College)

Mr. Maurício Vicente Donadon (PhD student 2002-2005 at Imperial College) - Professor at Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (Brazil)

Dr. Marco Cerini (PhD student 2001-2004 and Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2005 at Imperial College) - Senior Structural Engineer at ABT Ingenieure (Switzerland)

Mr. Michael Koundouros (PhD student 2000-2003 at Imperial College)