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Eray Kayar

Mr. Eray Kayar

PhD Student

Postgraduate Students

Mr Eray Kayar graduated with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Gazi University in 2012 and completed his two-year mechanical engineering MSc Programme in 2019 at Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul. He studied structural analysis; specialising in durability, noise & mechanical vibrations, and structural integrity & impact analyses using finite element and statistical energy analysis methods. His MSc dissertation is based on the optimization of metal crash-boxes used for a lightweight automotive. He performed more than 30 projects with demonstrated experience (+9 years) & proven expertise in aerospace, automotive and energy industries while he was working for Turkish Aerospace, BMC Power and Figes including soft body impact (bird-strike) explicit finite element analysis of composite wing using SPH method. He started his PhD in the ACRG at Queen’s University Belfast in January 2022 in collaboration with Spirit AeroSystems (formerly Bombardier). His research is focused on a novel composite wing leading-edge design which will be directly implemented in new-generation aircraft. The bird-strike analyses are going to be performed within his study towards certification.