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Moira Doherty: Reflections on Working Better Together after COVID

“The strength of our community fabric is one of our greatest assets” says Moira Doherty, Deputy Secretary for Engaged Communities Group in the Department for Communities in a contribution to QCaptures.

QCaptures image, Moira Doherty

The pandemic brought huge challenges, but it also has created opportunities for innovation and new ways of working”, says Ms Doherty, “and, perhaps most importantly, forged new relationships and partnerships”.

In the paper, which can be downloaded below, she outlines the measures taken by Minister, Deirdre Hargey, MLA, to mitigate the impact of Covid on individuals, families and community organisations, and adds that the team “quickly forged a shared purpose as we worked collectively to deal with the challenges facing our communities”.

To read more, download the paper – including a table setting out Departmental spending on COVID - from the link below.

Department for Communities Covid Response - Better Together