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Registration and Support at Queen’s for New and Returning Students

Are you a brand new or returning student? Undergraduate student Charlotte explains the registration and induction process for the new academic year below.

Students and Staff in the One Elmwood Students Union building

When I first started at university the whole experience felt so daunting. Even choosing my modules and registering seemed complicated. However, you will be pleased to know that it is not half as bad as it seems. When it comes to the module selection process, every year it is a battle to get the class timings you want, however it does not need to be a stressful experience.

There are many guides sent out and the AHSS digital champions have created a very useful video which explains step by step how to sort out your classes. If you have any crossovers there are different people on call at Queen’s who can help to walk you through the whole process.

Queen's Online induction


The easiest part is actually registration. All you have to do is book a slot for registration and turn up with ID proof and to be ready for your photo to be taken. This photo will be used for your whole time at Queen’s so try to make it a nice photo, otherwise you will be stuck with it!

Once you have registered and enrolled into university, you then need to turn up to your first classes. As a new person you may find the building and class codes confusing, however each building has floorplans showing each room and code in them. At the end of the day, everyone is always helpful at Queen’s so don’t be afraid to ask someone if you are lost or cannot find your class, as everyone knows to look out for new students to help them at the start of each year.

Take a virtual tour of the campus

I honestly had to ask a number of people for help in my first 2 weeks to find classes but once you start realising that most people in your courses are all on a similar timetable to you, you can all look for classrooms together. The easiest people to ask are of course the staff as they are very approachable and know almost every place you could ask about.

Introduction lectures

I recommend going to every single one of your introduction lectures and classes because they explain the assessment for that module (as every module is graded differently) as well as how the lectures will run. It is useful to note this down all in one easy to access note on your laptop, as when it comes closer to your assignment due dates you can look back on how much each assignment is worth and when they are due etc.

I always create document folders for each of my modules in the introduction lectures to ensure that I keep all of my different lectures well organised, because throughout the years you will have 6 modules a year usually and so your desktop will look very confusing if you don’t organise everything from the beginning.

QBS lecture theatre at Riddel Hall

Lecture theatre in Riddel Hall

Support and Wellbeing

During your time at Queen’s, you can always get support for anything. There are so many different teams available and even your personal tutor who can point you in the right direction with any queries you may have. I am constantly emailing my personal tutor for help with different things such as travel scholarships, placement help, essay skills, plus so much more.

I am in the school of HAPP so I regularly email them about different course related things such as applying to internships. You can always get help on your assignments simply by emailing your lecturer or tutors or the exams office when you need an extension due to a circumstance.

Students and Staff in the One Elmwood Students Union building

Queen's offers a variety of student services

I would advise people to never be afraid to ask for help because Queen’s offers so many services, whether it be financial, social, mental wellbeing, help finding a GP plus so much more. There is almost nothing that someone at Queen’s can’t help you with given the vast departments across the university.

As you either join as a fresher or embark into your next years, always remember that your best point of contact for anything is your personal tutor as mine is so helpful in getting me in contact with people for different enquiries. As the new year starts, enjoy the year and remember you can always ask for help!

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Charlotte Jennings 

Politics and International Relations | Undergraduate Student | London, England

I'm a Politics and International Relations student in my second year at Queen's. I am from London and currently live in student housing but lived in Elms BT9 last year. I love to be a busy person and am a member of multiple societies and teams at Queen's.

I am also undertaking a charitable project at Queen's called the Zambia project where we host fundraisers in order to collect money and aid for our missionary trip to Zambia. In my spare time I teach water sports in Bangor and so far I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Belfast even though it is very different to London. I would highly recommend the university to anyone as I have had the best experience here so far and have fallen in love with this country.

Charlotte Jennings