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Why Choose Queen’s

A-Z of reasons to make Queen’s your firm choice

Struggling with making your final uni decision? These students from around the UK reveal why they settled on Queen’s and Belfast as their firm choice.

A – Accommodation

“Being from England, I was nervous about making the move, however, Elms BT9 was like a home from home and the perfect place to meet new friends There are many opportunities at Elms to socialise and I attended a lot of the trips including sightseeing day trips in Belfast and further afield.”

Gregory, Bsc Business Management, from Shropshire

B – Belfast City

“I chose Queen’s because I fell in love with Belfast; it’s the perfect size, being bigger than my hometown, but not overwhelming the way I find London. Even though Belfast is a relatively small city, it’s still a capital, so it has everything you could want – music, comedy, theatre, shopping and more.”

Lucy, BA (JS) International Studies and Politics from Berkshire

C – Campus in the city

“Queen’s is a friendly campus-style city university which really appealed to me. I really like the fact that I am a bit further from home, but I can still get home quickly if I needed to. The main reason I chose to come to Queen’s is because I wanted to gain some independence and experience in city living. Queen’s gives me both!”

Lewis, BA Music and Audio Production from Wales

D - Degree Plus

“I chose Queen’s because it was a Russell Group University with a great reputation that offered great opportunities for students, such as the Degree Plus programme. When I graduate, I plan to stay in Belfast. I know during my time at Queen’s that I will build good career links and gain good experience which will help me once I graduate.”

Anna, Bsc Economics from London

E – Employment opportunities

“Queen’s Jobshop service helps students find work during their time at university. I work at Queen’s Film Theatre, the independent cinema on campus. I absolutely love my job and working for the university. Unlike other jobs I’ve had, I can completely fit my work shifts around my classes and studies. As I’m from England, I can also take time off for Easter, Summer and Christmas without worrying I’m going to lose my job.”


Alisha Ratcliffe, BA English Manchester

F- Financial sense

“When I saw the accommodation prices, what Belfast life could be like and came across facts such as Belfast having the lowest cost of student living in the UK, I knew I wanted to be a student here.”

Alishia O'Boyle, LLB Law from the Isle of Man

G – Go Global

“The main reason why I chose Queens is because it has fantastic international opportunities to take part in alongside your studies. Including: Study USA, semester abroad in Australia and Workplace study tours across Europe.“

Katelin, BA Economics from Hertfordshire

H- History

“The fact that Queen’s was one of only a few universities that offered my course, English and Politics, was probably the main reason for me to choose to move here. I also loved the fact that Belfast holds so much political history it seemed to make sense that I should come here to study it.”

Hebe, BA (JS) English and Politics from London

I – Independence

“Moving to Belfast has allowed me to gain independence and meet new people from many different backgrounds. I know I have made friends for life.“

Erin, LLB Common & Civil Law (Major) with Hispanic Studies, from Liverpool

J – Jollies

“Pretty much every weekend is different and I love finding new things to try. I’ve been on Accommodation tours to places like Titanic and Belfast Zoo which are really good fun; I spend some weekends going for a swim, watching a film, and others finding countryside to go for a walk in or checking out St George’s market!”

Catherine, BA Philosophy from Cambridgeshire

K – Kick-start Fitness

“You get free gym membership with the GB Scholarship. An off-peak gym pass would normally cost you £16.50 a month, so getting three years of that for free saves you a whopping £594. There are tonnes of classes to do as well in the Queen’s Physical Education Centre.”

Peter Moor, BA English, Huddersfield

L – Lecturers

“The lecturers are so helpful and go above and beyond to make sure their students succeed. I would recommend Queen’s to anyone who is considering coming here as you will meet the loveliest people and will enjoy living in the city.”

Eilish, BA English and French from Hertfordshire

M – Money matters

“Belfast is so cheap! Taxis, food, drinks, clothes. Everything. Plus, there’s no shortage of jobs for students; I found one in a week of being here and I’m earning way above minimum wage. Everything is within walking distance, so there are no worries about transport money as you can walk everywhere.”

Mollie, BA (JS) International Studies and Politics from Norwich

N – New beginnings

“When I visited Queen’s, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall warmth of the people and the quality of the facilities offered by the university. The fact that it was a Russell Group university with one of the highest levels of student satisfaction made it stand out, as well as the fact that it’s quite far away from where I’m from, giving me the opportunity to have a fresh start.”

Santy, BSc Economics from London

O - Offer-holder Events

“I would highly recommend coming to Queen’s; my main advice would be to make sure to attend the virtual and in-person University events beforehand - they are really helpful and give a lot of important information. It was really important for me to see the campus and meet people, this helped me make my decision as I wanted to be sure that I would like the University and city before making a very important decision.”

Jonathan, BA French and Spanish from the Wirral

P – People

“Coming to university is a daunting experience, but the staff are here for you, and your flatmates in first year will most likely become friends for life, so be yourself and you should have a great time here at Queen’s. And don’t forget, if you need help finding somewhere, with a topic in university, or evenh how to use the washing machine, just ask!”

Hope, LLB Law from London

Q - Quality

“I chose Queen’s because of the University’s reputation and it’s Russell Group status. What I wanted from my University experience was a high standard of education coupled with an entirely different culture and place to immerse myself into.”

Eleanor, BSc Business Management from East Sussex

R – Retail therapy

“The city centre is full of different things to do, and there are so many coffee shops and other independent shops nearer to Queen’s to keep you busy. On the weekends, I would normally have brunch with friends in the likes of District Coffee (I recommend the waffles!) or I go into the city centre for some retail therapy.”

Sarah, BA History from the Wirral

S- Student support

“Queen’s staff really care about their students’ education and wellbeing. I have always felt supported by my lecturers. The school has a personal tutor scheme where a lecturer will support and meet with you on a regular basis. They will discuss your progress and give you feedback; this really helped, particularly in my first year. I have also found that older students are always willing to help and give support.”

Olivia, LLB Law, from Staffordshire

T – Thinking for yourself

“My course is really interesting. It is quite relaxed but there is a lot of independent work and reading required in order to fully understand the different aspects. The combination of lectures, tutorials and seminars really helps with grouping the idea of other people and formulating ideas of your own.”

Victoria LLB Law from the West Midlands

U- University League Tables

“Queen’s is a well-respected University which I had researched and discovered that it had high achievements for my courses. Academically, the University was perfect. Belfast is such an interesting and vibrant city which made my decision a very easy one.”

Saskia, LLB Law from Newcastle upon Tyne

V – Visit the Campus

“Definitely come and visit - or take a virtual tour. It is one thing reading about Queen's through brochures but seeing the University and other students who study here really made me fall in love with it and choose it as my first option!”

Niamh, BA (JS) Social Policy and Sociology from Cambridge

W – Walking

“The size of the city of Belfast means you can walk to lots of places but there’s still a buzz and plenty of things to do. The bus system here works better for me than at home. It is also really close to beaches and the countryside, meaning anyone from a rural background will feel at home too.”

Anya, BA Anthropology from Birmingham

X- Xenial

“Everyone is so friendly in Belfast. It’s so much easier to make friends. Even people in the street. People don’t make eye contact [in London]. Here in Belfast, people are like, ‘Hey, have a great day!’ I’m so not used to that.”

Gabbie, BA Criminology from London

Y – Youth Culture

“I love how lively Belfast is, there is always something to do and the student social life is amazing. Seeing as I’m from Liverpool, which is a very lively city also, I was keen to live in a similar environment, it is safe to say that Belfast was not a disappointment! The nightlife is great for students, and there is something for everyone. It’s also important to note how friendly the people are, I always feel so welcomed into the city.”

Claudia BA (S) Spanish and Portuguese from Liverpool

Z – Zoom home

“My back-up uni choice was in London, for me that is a four-hour drive and two hours on the train. And it is expensive as well, like £100. I flew home on a whim the other week and did it for like, £50, and the flight time is only one hour.”

Maisie, BA History and International Politics, Lancashire

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