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Confidence in Concept (CiC)

The Confidence in Concept programme aims to accelerate the transition from discovery science to the early stages of therapeutic, diagnostic or medical device development by supporting preliminary work or feasibility studies to establish the viability of an approach. Projects should aim to provide sufficient preliminary data to provide confidence in the underlying concept before seeking more substantive funding from sources including Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme/Developmental Clinical Studies (DPFS/DCS) or other equivalent schemes, or external investment from commercial partners.

Applications will be considered against the following eligibility requirements    

  • Translational projects which are not curiosity driven or early stage “blue skies” research
  • Subject matter must fit in with MRC’s mission and broad areas of research
  • Projects which are not a continuation or substitution for regular research funding
  • Projects not previously supported through Confidence in Concept
  • Projects which build upon existing QUB IP or has the potential to develop new QUB IP during the programme of work. 
  • Projects that rely heavily upon, or that would develop IP belonging to a third party are likely to be ineligible. For example, applications centred on drugs owned by pharma companies or technology patented by a previous employer / other university are unlikely to be successful.
  • Related to an existing IDF or a new IDF has been submitted in advance of the full application.



Thursday 19 SEPT 2019

Completed full application forms with IDF and any letters of support returned to Alex Chacko by 5pm.

14-18 OCT 2019 (est.)

Review panel meeting. Outcomes, offers and feedback to applicants shortly thereafter.

1 NOV 2019

Target date for project setup. External funding to be secured alongside any collaboration agreements necessary.

30 JUN 2021

Target date for all expenditure to be committed with interim and final reports completed. PIs must take this into account when recruiting PDRA staff and advise the Commercial Development Manager of recruitment progress.

If you are considering an application, we recommend discussing your proposal informally with the Commercial Development Manager prior to completion of the full application form:

Medicine, Health, and Life Sciences - Alex Chacko

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