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Scaling the Edge Programme


Funded by Innovate UK, this programme helps businesses accelerate product and process innovations using the market leading Strategyzer Toolkit to rapidly validate their ideas with the market.

This programme works with multi-disciplinary teams from within existing businesses using Strategyzer’s Lean methodology to define clear Value Propositions, winning Business Models and uses modern Digital Testing methodologies to gather rapid and accurate market feedback on the likely success of new business ideas.  This process de-risks the chances of market failure, increases speed to market and potential profitability.


We have developed an innovative training approach which encourages rapid business strategy development and dramatically de-risks new product/market exploration through a data driven digital testing methodology. 

With over 20+ years’ experience supporting high growth and established businesses, we are uniquely positioned to provide UK businesses with the required tools, skillsets and training to accelerate ambitious ideas into real-world solutions and products. 

This 10-12-week programme will enable UK based businesses to innovate faster, maintain a competitive position in global markets and increase productivity during and following Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. This will all be achieved with the guidance and support of a highly experienced team of entrepreneurs and business coaches.


Inject Innovation into your business through: Design thinking, digital testing and data driven decision making. We have developed an innovative training approach which encourages rapid business strategy development and dramatically de-risks new product/market exploration through a data driven digital testing methodology.


  • Cohort 1: Bootcamps 12-14th October 2021
  • Cohort 2: Bootcamps 26-28th October 2021
  • Cohort 3: Bootcamps 26-28th January 2022 (Health & Life Sciences)

*Please Note: In order to be eligible for the Scaling the Edge Programme you and your team must be available to fully attend the three- day Bootcamp training.

WHERE: Online

WHO: Open to all innovative business across the UK, however for we particularly encourage applications within the Service Sector for Cohorts 1 & 2, in particular from:

  • Cohort 1: Tourism and Hospitality
  • Cohort 2: Service Skills (Manufacturing)

The Service Sector comprises around 80% of the UK economy, where as a result of COVID, has experienced the fastest monthly rise for seven years with sharp increases in spending and jobs growth.  Despite the positive trend in recovery, stretched supply chains remain a sticking point, which along with inflation, will potentially affect business margins.  In addition, there is mounting pressure to increase the introduction of sustainable practices within the energy demanding Services Sector to help deliver the UK governments Net Zero strategy. 

Scaling the Edge offers the opportunity for innovative businesses within the Service Sector to embrace ICT and digitisation within current services provision, provide upskilling and explore integration of new or existing technology within their business. 

For Scaling the Edge we are specifically seeking to support UK Businesses with novel ideas in the following areas:

  • Innovation in Services- both product and process innovation
  • Service Innovation- creation of new services


  • Expert training by seasoned entrepreneurs at an online bootcamp delivered by a renowned team with substantial innovation to commercialisation expertise
    • A fully funded 10-12-week programme with an allocation of up to 4 ‘Seats’ per team
    • £5,000 support package for market testing and validation 
    • Corporate Intrapreneurship audit of current and past activity
    • 4 step methodology with ongoing tailored support and guidance for market discovery and digital testing:
      • Value Proposition design
      • Business Model Canvas Design
      • Business Ideas Testing
      • Market Engagement
    • Upskill and incentivise staff and radically change innovation culture
    • Cutting time to market and improved bottom line through commercially validating new/improved product ideas and markets

Our programme is not about making intrapreneurs, it’s about finding them!

The most talented employees develop the most innovative ideas. But how do we ensure they have the best environment in which to ideate? Scaling the Edge allows UK businesses  to test if these ideas have a genuine value proposition which can be validated through direct market engagement and be incorporated into a successful business model.  For more information on the programme and to register your interest please visit our webpage:



Places on the programme are filling up fast. To secure your spot please complete the brief form below. If you have any questions about the programme  contact .


BLKBox: ‘The learnings from the programme have already been implemented within the business. We have created a specific, focused and multi-disciplinary product development department within the company for the first time, and our senior leadership team have taken on the challenge of defining the company’s value proposition. There has also been an appreciation for the importance of data and data-analysis within the business, with the recognition that we were determining company strategy on a number of assumptions we did not 100% know was certain. The biggest benefit is the questions it has raised, for every question we seemed to answer, 4 more have been raised, and while this journey is ongoing we are continuing to grow as a company as a result.’

Cirdan Path XL: The single biggest takeaway from the programme was the realisation we need to support product development with data driven decision making.  Too often it is easy to assume we know how end customers will use a product – but the Strategyzer Toolkit shows how easy it is to quickly gather market feedback…..We were so impressed with the methodology covered in the programme, we have adopted it into our wider product portfolio management process as a way of validating or extending product innovation.  STE has given us the confidence to validate, from voice of the customer sessions, our best next move!’

JP Concrete: The programme has focused our management team and shown us a better way to carry out product development. We’ve reflected on where we have been going wrong in the past, identified the best people to drive the process, and have reduced the time taken from around 12 months to 12 weeks!

We are putting a formal product development plan in place for the business based on the principals learnt in the programme. From the initial ideas stage, to creating a business model canvas. Testing the concepts digitally and face-to-face and then validating the product ideas based on the market research. This will definitely help the team to make better decisions – faster.

Samatrix: The excellent weekly coaching and encouragement was absolutely essential to keeping the momentum of the programme on track.  This was so different from the lofty ideals set out in other seminars I have been on, only to be side-lined when the day to day fire fighting resumed.  My coach fully engrossed herself in our business position and what we wanted out of the programme.  The support was incredible and it felt like they were in our team…..Joining the course was definitely one of our better decisions and we fully expect our business to reap the financial rewards as a result of this excellent programme and its team.

Techlan: I would definitely recommend Scaling the Edge to other businesses as it has given me a very channelled process to research numerous ideas that I have, quickly and efficiently, which may not have otherwise even been pursued due to time constraints.  Prior to scaling the edge it was very clear in my mind as to what the customer wanted and the routes to take to market.  My journey via STE has now proved these main assumptions to be inaccurate and it has really provided a new focus on the value Techlan can provide to its new and existing customers.

Welsh Government: Without doubt this must be a new “can do'' mentality when looking at new business acquisition. During the presentations I noticed a confidence to question previously held ideas / concepts how new sales / marketing could be achieved. The participating organisations have commented how good Scaling the Edge has been. The skills and knowledge acquired are embedded and shared within the organisations!

Invest Northern Ireland: The Scaling the Edge Programme delivers real value by way of building innovation capabilities into businesses.  This programme should be scaled up to allow more businesses to participate. By building the innovation capabilities learnt during the programme the outcomes will see an increase in more sustainable, exportable and scalable commercial ideas coming into the market.  As a panel member on the Scaling the Edge Programme it was encouraging to see the participating businesses realising the importance of this stage of the innovation journey. One participant stated that if they had known about the process delivered through the programme they would have saved a lot of money and time by using the techniques and tools learnt during the programme. Others stated that the programme has allowed them to be more confident in the evidence gathered during the process which allowed quicker decision making and the ability to gain buy-in from executive levels and secure funding to take the idea further.

Innovation at Queen's

Queen’s University has a strong track–record in helping to develop and commercialise leading–edge technology in partnership with businesses from across Northern Ireland and beyond.

Through this programme, Queen's is drawing on it's strengths in commercialisation and delivery of innovation programmes offering dedicated support to businesses via a novel intervention to help local companies to re-design their business models in the face of Covid-related market disruption.


If you have any queries on the innovation programmes at Queen's, please contact Kerri Crossey.