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Administration Support Advisory Group
Admissions Policy Review Group
Admissions Review Appeal Panel
Admissions Review Panel
AHSS Faculty Operations Board
AHSS Faculty Postgraduate Education and Research Committee
AHSS Faculty Research Committee
AHSS Faculty Research Forum
AHSS Faculty Student Experience Group
AHSS Faculty Study Abroad and Summer Schools Sub-Group
AHSS Faculty Undergraduate Education Committee
ASAG Human Resources Sub-Group
Central Promotions Committee
Central Promotions Review Committee
Charities Committee
Design Quality Advisory Group
Digital Learning Project Implementation Group
Digital Learning Solution (VLE) Implementation Project Board
Digital Learning Strategic Steering Group
Digital Literacies Working Group
Disability Forum
EPS Faculty International Working Group
EPS Faculty Operations Board
EPS Faculty Student Project Group
Finance Systems Programme Board
Friends of The Queen's University of Belfast, Inc
GDPR Working Group
Higher Education Funding and Student Finance Project Group
Immigration Compliance Governance Group
INTO Academic Sub-Group
INTO Queen's Steering Group
Joint Consultative and Negotiating Committee
Joint Consultative Committee
MHLS Faculty Postgraduate Education Sub-Group
MHLS Faculty Research Committee
MHLS Faculty Student Recruitment Working Group
MHLS Faculty Workload Allocation Model Working Group
Military Education Committee
PCI DSS Compliance Team
Pensions Forum Group
Performance Management Report Working Group
PGT Distance Learning Project Board
Postgraduate Advisory Body
Postgraduate Forum
Postgraduate Research Academic Review Group
Professorial Salary Review Panel
Public Engagement Committee
Public Engagement Operational Group
QRIS Steering Group
Qsis Monthly Programme Board
Qsis Programme Status Group
Qsis Programme Steering Group
Qsis Service Delivery Group
QUBIS Ltd Board
QUBIS Ltd Management Committee
Registrar's Group
Research and Enterprise Overview Group
Research and Postgraduate Committee
Research Governance and Integrity Committee
Retirement Benefits Plan (Trustees)
Student Plus Development Steering Group
Student Support Forum
Student Support Fund Committee
Students' Union Executive Management Committee
Students' Union Management Board
The Queen's University of Belfast Foundation
Theology Working Group
TRAC Developments Steering Group
UKVI Compliance Monitoring Forum
UKVI Practitioners Group (Tier4)
University Digital Board
University Research Ethics Committee