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Where a School/Faculty wishes to extend or amend an existing agreement with an institution an addendum can be drafted for annex to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).   This must be endorsed by the relevant Faculty Executive Board (FEB) and then approved by the Education Committee (Quality and Standards) (ECQS) before signature by an Institutional Pro-Vice-Chancellor.  Where more than one Faculty is involved in the existing or revised arrangement or where approval is time sensitive, Faculty endorsement may be secured through the International Partnerships Group.

For non-substantive changes (e.g. one-year extensions), a brief supporting rationale should be submitted to the Secretary of ECQS for consideration by the Chair, together with the proposed addendum, which will be drafted with support from the Partnerships Team in Academic Affairs.  Details will be circulated to relevant departments on signature and recorded on the Collaborative Provision Register.  More substantive changes involving, e.g. the inclusion of new articulation routes or forms of collaboration, will be considered by the ECQS by way of request and supported by appropriate levels of documentation as advised by Academic Affairs.