Review/Renewal Procedures

Academic Affairs will advise the University Coordinator/School  approximately twelve months before the current agreement is due to expire to provide an indication as to whether the MOA is to be renewed or allowed to lapse.   If the School wishes to continue, the matter should be considered by the relevant FEB, undertaking an appropriate review of the arrangement to ensure it remains of strategic benefit.  In making its decision, FEB should also seek to review and update the original business plan/case, with approval from Finance, for the proposed period of renewal.  The FEB’s decision should be reported to the Secretary of the CPG. 

An updated MOA should then be prepared by the University Coordinator, in consultation with the partner institution, MRCI, Finance, the Admissions and Access Service, the International Student Support Office and Academic Affairs, as appropriate.  A brief rationale should also be provided for continuation of the Agreement and submitted with the new MOA to the Secretary of the Collaborative Provision Group. 

The Secretary will electronically fast-track the documentation to the CPG for approval.