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Examinations Liaison Officers

Each School should appoint an Examinations Liaison Officer (ELO).  The ELO, on behalf of the Head of School, works closely with the University Examinations Office and acts as a point of contact for the School on all matters related to the administration and conduct of examinations.

The ELO is required to:

  1. Provide information critical to the examination timetabling process.
  2. Coordinate arrangements with external examiners and examination boards.
  3. Upload and approve examination papers for printing.
  4. Upload and approve examination results.

The ELO should oversee examination administration within the School. This should include:

  1. Ensuring that all course examination details are correct at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Ensuring that all students are enrolled on the appropriate modules in a timely manner.
  3. Ensuring that examination papers are sent to external examiners for review.
  4. Ensuring that papers are securely transmitted to the Examinations Office, via the University’s electronic Examination Paper Transfer Manager system.
  5. Ensuring that draft examination timetables are thoroughly checked and that any issues are notified to the Examinations Office by the specified deadline.
  6. Ensuring that scripts are collected from the examination halls after each examination.
  7. Ensuring that scripts are marked and that Boards of Examiners meet well in advance of the University deadline for the publication of results.
  8. Ensuring that results are uploaded into Qsis in advance of the University deadline for the publication of results.

For further information on the roles and responsibilities of ELOs, please contact the Examinations Office.

Note: It is the responsibility of each Head of School to ensure compliance with this Code of Practice. While operational responsibility may be delegated to School staff, the Head of School retains formal accountability for oversight of the School’s processes and procedures.