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Periods of Study, Holidays and Other Absences

The Study Regulations for Research Degree Programmes, regulation 4 outlines the minimum, normal and maximum periods of study for a student completing a RDP.  These periods exclude approved temporary withdrawal periods, in line with regulation 5.

In exceptional circumstances, Schools may request a concession to the regulations to seek an extended period of temporary withdrawal, or an extended registration period and thesis submission date by completing the appropriate Research Degree Programmes Exception Request form as linked below:

  1. RDP Exception Request - Temporary Withdrawal Form (Microsoft Word).
  2. RDP Exception Request - Registration and Thesis Submission Form (Microsoft Word)

Download the current practice for handling RDP Exception Requests (PDF). Completed forms should be submitted by email, by the School, to

Where possible, students/Schools should avail of the Temporary Withdrawal procedure to suspend studies earlier in the student’s RDP, rather than seek to extend a registration period and thesis submission date towards the end of the RDP.

The following information provides guidelines for staff, and students registered on RDPs, regarding holidays and other absences for postgraduate research students.  Funded students should also refer to their funder’s terms and conditions (or contact the Postgraduate Awards Team, for any implications to their funding arrangements. International students should contact the Immigration Support Service to determine any implications for their visa.

  • COVID-19 Fee Free Periods

    The University has put in place support for all students registered at some point in the 2019-20 academic year (excluding new students starting a research degree programme after 23 March 2020), to allow additional time without fees (a fee free period (FFP)).  It is tiered support depending on how much additional time is needed and can only be requested when students are approaching the end of their ‘normal’ period of studies. 

    FFP1: up to a 3 month time extension (or 6 months for part-time students) with no additional fees. Students do not need to make a case for the FFP1, they simply request it from their School.  This is managed by a blanket concession to allow all eligible PGR students an additional 3 months (FTE) which was approved by Research and Postgraduate Committee in May 2020.

    FFP2: up to a further 3 month time extension (or 6 months for part-time students) with no additional fees. To request the FFP2, students must outline a case for impact due to COVID-19.  This is requested via the RDP Exception Request - Registration and Thesis Submission Form (Microsoft Word)‌ which needs to be endorsed by the School Postgraduate Research Committee and approved by the Chair of Education Committee (Quality and Standards) (or nominee).

  • Holidays

    All holidays should be agreed with the principal supervisor/School in advance. Full-time, registered students are entitled to take up to 40 days of annual leave, including public holidays and University closure days, each year (or pro rata for part-time, registered students). Holidays for incomplete years may be allowed pro rata.

  • Maternity Leave, Maternity Support Leave and Adoption Leave

    The Student Maternity, Maternity Support and Adoption Policy provides advice and guidance on issues related to study, health and safety, and finance to:

    1. Students who become pregnant during their studies; prospective students who are already pregnant when they commence study; students who have given birth within the previous 26 weeks (or are continuing to breastfeed); their partners and those who have recently become parents (e.g. through adoption).
    2. University staff who may have a role in advising students coming to them with these issues.
  • Suspension of Studies – Temporary Withdrawals

    In general, students are expected to complete their RDP in a single continuous period. However, students may request a period of temporary withdrawal - an approved absence from the University for a set period of time - in the following circumstances:

    1. Medical reasons.
    2. Maternity.
    3. Compelling personal reasons that require the student to be absent from the University.
    4. For the purposes of taking up an internship at a centre of excellence or an industrial placement. Normally only one such visit may be considered during the period of the RDP and must not exceed 12 months’ duration.

     Suspensions will not normally be granted for the following reasons:

    1. Employment, temporary lectureships, exchanges, voluntary service overseas or expeditions/sport.
    2. On the grounds of financial hardship due to not completing the RDP within the maximum period of study (i.e. 4 years FTE for the PhD programme).

     The Study Regulations for Research Degree Programmes, regulation 5 outlines the procedure for considering periods of temporary withdrawal.  Students should discuss a request for a period of temporary withdrawal with their principal supervisor/School in advance of the period of withdrawal requested.

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