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Discover more about the concepts of Digital Identity and Wellbeing by watching our video that is full of tips for both staff and students.

Student using social media apps on phone
How to use Social Media and Manage your Digital Identity

To find out about how to use social media and manage your digital identity, take a look at the following guidance provided by Queen's:

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Other Resources

Here are some other resources to help you explore this important element of digital capability.

Digital Wellbeing Infographic screenshot
Digital Wellbeing and Identity Management Infographic

Here are some tips that you can introduce to your day-to-day digital routine to enhance your wellbeing and manage your identity online.

You can download this resource by right-clicking on the image and then selecting 'Save Image to "Downloads"'.

Digital Wellbeing infographic

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Screenshot from QUB Social Media video
Some tips to stay Cybersmart
Video from Social Media QUB

View the video developed by Social Media QUB about Staying Cybersmart on Social Media. Following these tips will help you manage your digital identity.

Social Media in Higher Education book cover
Social Media in Higher Education
Case Studies Reflections and Analysis, Chris Rowell Ed, 2019

Read the Open Access text on Social Media in Higher Education here.