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Getting Help

Qsis for Academics
Getting Help

If you are a staff member at QUB and have a query and/or issue relating to Qsis, the Qsis Support Desk is your first point of contact. Our helpline is available 9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday (x2884). Alternatively, click below to contact us via email.

Email Qsis Support
  • Instructors/Advisors

    If you are an Academic staff member, you will automatically receive a self-service Qsis account once your school attaches you to modules as an Instructor, or to students as an Advisor. If this has not occurred, your school will need to attach you to modules and/or students as required. They may also need to ensure your information on the relevant People and Culture system is correct, as inconsistencies here can cause errors. No training is required before attaining this account.

    Click here for helpful guides and further information.

  • Advisor of Studies

    If you are an Advisor of Studies, you will have to attend a specific training session entitled 'Advisors of Studies Training' as a prerequisite to attaining a Qsis Account. This training session runs every September.

    Click here to find out more about booking onto this training course and for directions to the Qsis Support training room.

  • Managing Research Students

    If you are an academic staff member and are managing Postgraduate research students, you can find online training materials to assist you with the Research Student Lifecycle here. Qsis Support also supply a specific training session for the Research Student Lifecycle, which runs on a bi-monthly basis.

    You can find out more about how to book onto this courses, as well as directions to the Qsis Support training room here.

  • Exam Liaison Officers (ELOs)

    As an Exam Liaison Officer, you must attend Qsis Fundamentals Training Part 1 before attaining a Qsis account. You may also find Grade Roster training useful.

    Details on how to book onto these course, when they run, and directions to the Qsis Support training room can be found here.

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