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Qsis for Instructors/Advisors

Qsis for Academics

Academics teaching or advising students during the current academic year are automatically provided with access to academic Self-Service on Qsis. No prior training is required and staff use their QOL username and password. See below for two guides on how to find information on the instructor role (classes) and advisor role (students). Some academics also have administrative access through their role as Exam Liaison Officers or Advisors of Studies.

How Academic Staff Recieve Access to Qsis:

  • Qsis receives staff names, date of birth and primary academic organisation details from People and Culture.
  • Administrative School staff attach academics to classes and students.
  • Once this has been done, an overnight process will run which will create a Qsis account, and where required, QOL are informed and provide access to the Virtual Learning Environment.

Providing References

  • Instructors have access to historic class lists for any modules they have previously taught.  This allows access to historic transcripts for the purpose of providing references.   See the Advisor Helpsheet for details.
Qsis Guide for Instructors
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Qsis Guide for Advisors
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