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Shadowing is an informal learning option and is therefore not organised centrally at Queen’s, rather, Shadowing opportunities may be arranged at a local level.

At an individual level, you may have a clear idea of a job role or area that you would like to gain an insight into through shadowing someone in that role. To facilitate this, consider the General Shadowing Guidelines or, as a method of bringing our core value 'Connected' to life, and creating understanding, building collaborative relationships and breaking down silos between work groups, you may want to consider setting up a shadowing scheme within your own area.

  • Guidelines to setting up an Area Shadowing Scheme

    An area mini shadowing or micro placement scheme is an excellent method to build a knowledge base through connecting people across the directorate/faculty/area. The templates and suggestions used in setting up an area scheme have kindly been provided by colleagues in DASA (Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs) who provide cross directorate shadowing opportunities as part of a directorate wide response to the Staff Survey. find out more about setting up an Area Shadowing Scheme here.

    Please note: should you wish to set up a scheme within your area, it is advised that a co-ordinator is appointed.

    Listen here to why the Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) decided to set up a mini shadowing/micro placement scheme within their directorate. Nick Bohill, Student Surveys Officer, shares with us his experience in setting up the scheme and Joanne O’Brien, Clerical Officer shares her experience of gaining an insight into a different area of the directorate through participating in a 3 day shadowing scheme.

  • DASA Mini Shadowing Scheme

    If you’re interested in setting up a scheme within your own area, you may find the suggested templates here useful.

    For suggested communications and a suggested evaluation template, please contact the Organisational Development Team: