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Planning your Learning and Development

Researcher Development


Queen’s is committed to ensuring that researchers have the necessary skills to undertake effective research and to develop for their future career, within the University or beyond. Enhancing the experience of research staff and providing access to learning and career development support and resources is vital to developing a vibrant and ambitious research community.

Learning and Development Days

In order to enable research staff to focus on their personal and professional learning and development it’s now agreed that research staff are entitled to have access of up to 10 learning and development days each year (or a pro rata for part-time staff). This initiative is also part of the Queen’s commitment to the Researcher Development Concordat.

You are encouraged to use these development days to review, plan and grow your future career. These development activities can be part of the evidence that you can use for future fellowship and job applications. Be active in your learning and demonstrate your commitment to your own development.

Vitae provide a wide range of online resources supporting the professional development of researchers across the UK and Europe.

In particular, visit their ‘Professional Development’ pages. A good starting point is the 'Professional development planning for researchers’ online course (PDP ROC) available here.