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Annual Leave

Annual Leave

  • Overview

    The annual leave year runs for from 1 January to 31 December each year. Holiday entitlement is normally 23 days and applies to all staff. The dates of the closure days are agreed by the University and advertised on our website each leave year.

    Part time staff receive a pro rata entitlement to annual leave. Closure days and Bank Holidays in accordance with the University Guidelines on Public Holidays and Closure Days Entitlements for Part-time Staff (refer to the ‘Annual Leave examples’ link).

    On termination of your employment, you should arrange to take any accrued annual leave prior to leaving the University. However, under exceptional circumstances staff are entitled to payment in lieu of outstanding annual leave entitlement. Please make this clear when completing the resignation/retirement form.

    Accrual of Leave during periods of absence

  • Annual Leave

    The annual leave year runs for from 1 January to 31 December each year. Holiday entitlement is normally 23 days and applies to all staff. You also benefit from University closure days as well as public holidays. These holidays are based on standard days (7.4 hours) and where staff have other working arrangements, e.g. shifts which require working longer periods, the equivalent amount of leave will be available. The entitlement to paid annual leave begins on the first day of employment.

    There may be variations to the above arrangements in particular departments depending on operational requirements e.g. Library, PEC. Please contact your line manager in the first instance if you are unclear about your annual leave calculation.

    A member of staff who commences appointment after the start of the leave year, or who leaves before the end of a leave year is entitled to receive the equivalent proportion of the full annual leave entitlement (of 23 days) and this will be rounded to the nearest half day (see worked examples below).

    *In exceptional circumstances you can seek approval with your line manager to carry over 5 days into the next leave year.

    Annual-Leave Calculator

    Annual Leave including examples

  • Public Holidays and Closure Days

    • 9 University recognised/public holidays which normally are: (where these fall within a period of employment)
      New Year’s Day; St Patrick’s Day; Good Friday; Easter Monday;
      1st Monday in May; 12 and 13 July; Christmas Day; Boxing Day
    • 10 closure days (based on 5 days at Easter and 5 days at Christmas)

    Public Holidays and Closure Days Entitlements for Part-Time Staff

    Under the Part-Time Workers Regulations 2000, the University has an obligation to ensure that it is not treating part-time staff less favourably than comparable full-time staff. Entitlement to leave is covered by these Regulations and part-time staff should therefore receive pro-rata public holiday/closure day leave entitlement calculated on the basis of the proportion of a full-time contract worked, rather than on the days normally worked.

    Holidays and key dates calendar