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Other Leave

Other Leave

The University provides a range of policies and services to support our employees. The below provide advice and guidance on other types of leave in the University.

  • Absence caused by disruption to transport or due to adverse weather conditions

    Members of staff are expected to make every attempt to get to work as normal. However, from time to time there may be occasions when staff are unable to attend work due to circumstances beyond their control particularly in relation to situations where severe or adverse weather conditions hamper travel or where major disruption is caused to transport facilities by weather conditions or other reasons. Therefore, if members of staff are unable to get to work because of adverse weather they should contact their Head of Department/Line Manager as soon as possible to inform them of their absence.

    Unless the weather is unusually severe (for example no public transport available) it is expected that the University will remain open for business as normal and departments should be staffed during normal business hours.

    However, where staff are unable to report to work because of disruption to transport or due to adverse weather conditions the following will apply:


    If members of staff wish to leave work early because of concerns about getting home safely or collecting children from school, they should discuss this in the first instance with their line manager; it is expected that such requests will be treated sympathetically on the understanding that members of staff are expected to make up the time at a later date. Alternatively, if a member of staff cannot get into work then consideration will be given for use of dependents leave.

    Staff will be expected to take annual leave to cover the period of absence. In circumstances where a member of staff has used all of their leave entitlement then the balance may be taken from leave entitlement for the following year or agreement can be made to take the period as unpaid leave.

    Staff on business

    Where staff are on University business and are unable to return to work the period of absence shall be treated as paid leave. Staff should also be provided with access to advice issued by the Finance Directorate regarding insurance arrangements and reclaiming additional costs incurred.

  • Jury Service

    Jury service is a public duty. Unless someone is disqualified, has the right to be excused or has a valid reason for discretionary excusal then they must serve.

    All Jurors are selected at random by computer from the electoral register. Everyone on the electoral register from the ages of 18 to 69 may be selected even if they are not eligible to serve on a Jury. Some people never get called, others get called more than once.

    Members of staff who are called for jury service will be granted special leave of absence. Although salary payments will continue during any absence, a salary adjustment will be made on the completion of jury service based on any allowances paid by the Crown Court (excluding expenses). To enable the Salaries Office to make the necessary salary adjustments, it is the responsibility of the member of staff to:-

    1. Forward the ‘Certificate of Loss of Earnings or Benefit’ issued by the Crown Court to the Salaries Office for completion prior to attending jury service.
    2. Inform the Payroll Office on completion of jury service about the total allowance paid by the Crown Court.
    3. Further advice about jury service can be obtained from the Salaries Office.

  • Volunteer Reserve Forces

    Members of the Reserve Forces (e.g. Territorial Army) may, on request, and subject to the needs of the School/Directorates will usually be granted reasonable paid leave for this purpose in addition to the normal holiday entitlement to attend annual training/camp. If further time off for this purpose is requested, this should, wherever possible, be granted as part of the employee’s annual leave. Paid/Unpaid leave is at the discretion of the manager based on the training required/period of service.

    Refer to your A/HRBP for further information if required.

  • Leave for medical and dental appointments

    1. Time-off for preventative health screening
      On the understanding that they will arrange such visits in their own time whenever possible, members of staff are allowed time off work (without loss of pay) for the purposes of preventative health screening. Such leave should be agreed with Heads of School/Director/Manager in the usual way.
    2. Time off for ante natal care
      Members of staff are entitled to paid time off for ante natal care subject to the production of an appointment card. This includes appointments at Hospital, with General Practitioners and/or Midwives and attending ante natal appointments.
    3. Appointments with general practitioners, dentists and opticians
      The normal expectation is that such appointments will be arranged in the member of staff’s own time at the start of the working day or the end of the working day, where possible.
    4. Hospital appointments
      Where members of staff are required to attend a Hospital appointment during their normal working hours paid time off should be granted, subject to the production of an appointment card and at management discretion.

  • Sabbatical