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Queen's Student Desktop


What is the Queen's Student Desktop?

The Queen's Student Desktop is a Cloud-based version of the Common Student Desktop currently accessible via the on-campus shared PCs in the McClay Library and other shared study spaces. By virtue of the fact that it is hosted in the Cloud, it is accessible via a web browser or by downloading the Remote Desktop client onto your own device.

The Common Student Desktop machines give you access to around 130 Applications used in Modules across the Courses offered by Queen’s. The Queen's student Desktop also has some additional applications requested by academics during times where the shared PCs cannot be updated (mid semester).

Should you be unable to come on-campus for any reason, or be on campus but unable to find a free shared PC, from your remote location you can still access all these Applications from your own device via the Queen's Student Desktop.

Note you do not need Queen's Student Desktop to access Queen’s Online (QOL), Canvas, Office 365 or Teams.

All students are able to access the Queen's Student Desktop and the following sections give you guidance on how to.

How do I access the Queen's Student Desktop?

Queen's Student Desktop is accessible to all Queen’s students. It is not accessible to Staff by default however if a member of Staff has a particular need for access, they can submit a request for it.

You can access the Queen's Student Desktop either by installing the software onto your own personal device once you are a Queen's student, or via a web client from your browser. Accessing it via the installed packaged is recommended, however.

There are limited numbers of virtual desktops available to students so, when finished working, we ask that students please sign out to free up resources for fellow students. Users will be automatically signed out after 30 mins of inactivity.

Existing Queen's students can get more information about this service on the Queen's Student Desktop SharePoint site.

What device do I need to access the Queen's Student Desktop?

It is accessible from most client devices however the user experience is poor on devices which do not have a separate keyboard, for example mobile phones and most iPads. This is because when the keyboard is displayed on the mobile device it largely obscures the virtual desktop. IS recommend you use a PC, laptop or an iPad with a separate keyboard.

Your WVD user experience will also be impacted by your broadband speed. You will need between 1.5 - 3 Mbps depending on what you are doing. See Microsoft's site on remote desktops for more information.

During what times is the Queen's Student Desktop accessible?

It is accessible 24x7 every day although there will be less remote desktops available between midnight and 8am.