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Mission and Values Statement

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide high quality Library services and resources in support of the education and research activities of the students and staff of the University and of our other customer groups.


A library service which is at the heart of the University, providing access to first rate resources and expert guidance and support.

Values Statement

We will work diligently to provide and demonstrate:

  • A library environment that is safe, welcoming and meets the needs of all our user groups
  • Staff who are approachable, helpful, efficient and knowledgeable
  • Information resources that are easily accessible, relevant and of high quality
  • A commitment to placing library users at the heart of our service and acting on their feedback
  • A commitment to encourage the involvement of Library users and staff in the development of Library services
  • A commitment to maintain high levels of satisfaction with our services and to work for continuous improvement
  • A commitment to use technology effectively to keep services current and effective
  • A commitment to maintain the highest standards in terms of human resource management, health and safety and equality and diversity practice
  • A commitment to contribute appropriately to the University’s targets for environmental sustainability

December 2022