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McClay Library - Key Facts

Key facts and figures about the McClay Library


 Q: How much did it cost?


 A: Over £40 million in total - £30 million construction budget


 Q: How big is it?


 A: 17,600 square metres (equivalent to the QUB quad and buildings around it or Castlecourt Shopping Centre)


 Q: How many books are there?


 A: Approx. 1.2m volumes (This includes bound volumes of journals)


 Q: How many journals are there?


 A: About 2,000 print titles and 20,000 titles with electronic access


 Q: How many PCs are there?


 A: 620 fixed PCs. There are well over 1,000 devices connected to the University network in this building.


 Q: Who were the architects?


 A: Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott (SBRA) who worked with the local firm Robinson Patterson  Partnership. They were chosen based on their experience in working on significant academic library projects.


 Q: Who made the carpets for the C.S. Lewis Room?


 A: Ulster Carpets produced the carpet inside the C.S. Lewis Room and the rug outside.


 Q: How long did it take to build from start to finish?


 A: Construction took from February 2006-April 2009 – so just over 3 years.


 Q: Number of study spaces?


 A: Approx. 2,000


 Q: Number of group study rooms?


 A: 23


 Q: How many people use the building?


 A: Over 1.3 million visits each year which means 130,000 each month and 10,000-12,000 visits per week day in term time; the peak for simultaneous occupancy to date was 1,621 (May 2017)


 Q: Total number of staff in the building?


 A: Approximately 200