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Please see below permission regulations and fees for all of our copying services. 

Reproduction of Special Collections & Archives materials is subject to copyright law (UK Copyright Patents and Designs Act 1988). It is also undertaken at the discretion of Special Collections staff depending on the condition of materials. 20% VAT will be included on all filming and digital copies of images.

Materials which are not yet catalogued will not be available for copying by readers.

Instructions for Special Collections & Archives Online Payments. 

University Archive: All requests for copies of materials should be directed to Ursula Mitchel, the University Archivist.

Restriction: 30 pages per request is the maximum number of images we can facilitate in Special Collections at present. 


Large scale scanning of SCA materials at the self-service scanner is not permitted due to security and preservation concerns. 

  • Scanning

    Researchers may use our overhead flat bed scanner to capture images for their own personal research. All images are watermarked and researchers must bring a USB to save any images captured. Please note manuscript materials can only be copied using the departmental overhead scanner. 

    A Copy Request Form must be completed if the item you wish to scan is from a manuscript collection, or a pre-1929 publication.

    If you are a visitor to the library, you will need to purchase a Visitor Printing Card which can be purchased in the Extended Hours Study Room on the Ground Floor of the McClay Library. It costs £2 and is preloaded with 75p of credit. This is required for all printing facilities, photocopiers and our scanner. 

  • Digital Photography

    At the Library’s discretion, you may use your own mobile phone camera or digital camera. All devices must be hand-held and set to 'silent'. Flash photography is not permitted. Please seek permission from Special Collections staff before using any device to copy. As with all copying, you must comply with copyright law.

    Please note manuscript materials can only be copied using the departmental flatbed scanner. A Form - Copy Request Form must also be completed.

  • Photocopying

    Photocopying of Special Collections materials is usually permitted when: the item is not oversize; the item has been published after 1950; the item is in good condition; and the item is the only copy available in Queen's University Belfast. 

    Photocopying on the Queen's campus is charged at the following rates:

    Paper Type Size Single-sided Double-sided
    Black & White A4 5p 10p
    Colour A4 20p 40p
    Black & White A3 10p 20p
    Colour A3 40p 80p 

    If you are a visitor to the library, you will need to purchase a visitor printing card in order to use the photocopy facilities. This card can be purchased in the Extended Hours Study Room on the ground floor of the McClay Library. It costs £2 and is preloaded with 75p of credit. 

Reproductions prepared by library staff

Requests may be submitted on site or by email. 

Standard turnaround times are as follows: 1-5 images = 1 week; more than 5 images = 2 weeks; more than 20 images = to be confirmed

  • For personal research

    You may request reproductions of materials in Special Collections, for personal research and study by submitting a Form - Copy Request Form. We can provide you with watermarked digital reproductions, as PDF or low resolution JPG. Files will be made available online or via our Dropbox facility. The following charges apply:

    Basic Admin. & 1st Image £10
    Up to 5 Images £15
    6 - 10 Images £20
    11 - 20 Images £30
    More than 20 images Price on application

    Payment should be made in advance using the Online Payment Facility. Please note that postage and packing costs are extra.

  • For publication or performance

    You may request high resolution digital images (400dpi) for publication purposes by submitting a Form - Permission to Publish Request Form. The following charges apply:

    Basic Admin. and 1st Image £25
    Up to 5 Images £30
    6 - 10 Images £35
    11 - 20 Images £50
    More than 20 Images Price on application

    Sufficient time should be allowed for processing the request by SCA staff. Files will be made available via a Dropbox facility and payment should be made in advance, using the Online Payment facility.

    Please note not all material can be copied due to size, condition or rights restrictions and prices will differ for commercial publications.

  • Online payment facility

    You may process your prearranged payment to Special Collections & Archives at Queen's University Belfast using the link below.

    Major credit cards are accepted, minimum payment of £10.00.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any difficulties with this facility.

Recording/ Television/ Film

Thesis Copying

  • Thesis Copying Rates

    Special Collections will provide a copy of a thesis (Masters or Doctoral thesis) to any individual that places a request for a fee. Individuals within the UK & Ireland can access theses through Inter-Library Loan, therefore our requesters usually hail from outside of these regions. 

    If you require a copy of a thesis please complete a Form - Thesis Copy Request Form and return to

    Number of Pages Price  Express
    1-199 pp.

    £40 - 60 depending on page count

    200 - 499 pp. £80 + £40
    500 - 999 pp. £100 + £40
    1000 - 1499 pp. £120 + £40
    1500 - 2000 pp. £150 + £40

    Payment should be made in advance using the Online Payment Facility

Contact details

Post:    Special Collections & Archives, The McClay Library, Queen’s University Belfast, 10 College Park, Belfast, BT7 1LP

Tel:      0044 (0) 28 9097 6333




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