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American Summers (Summer Camp)

Camp is the ultimate summer job. American Summers offers you the opportunity to spend your summer living at one of America’s premier summer camps! We will help you secure a placement based on your personality and skills, or with a direct placement at a camp of your own choosing. We’ll also give you 30 days of travel in the US after camp! Go out there and discover this wonderfully diverse country!


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United States

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Type of Placement


Level of Study

Undergraduate, Postgraduate


1-4 weeks, 1-3 months, 3-6 months

Duration - More Information

The Camp asks that you are available for a minimum of 9 weeks as this is the duration of the Camp. If you would like to travel during your time in the US, you will be granted a 30 day grace period to travel as a tourist around the US post-camp, upon completion of your camp contract.

  • Like children and have experience with them (see below), ideally in a leadership role, e.g., teacher, youth leader, through team sports, scouts or guides, or play schemes.
  • Are 18 years old by June 1st.
  • Are available for at least eight to ten weeks starting in May to mid-June through August. Most camp contracts start before June 21st, with many camps starting staff training before June 1st. It is important you are aware of your commitments or school schedules before applying.

It is important that you have some previous experience working or interacting with children, other than your own family experience or babysitting, to be considered as a camp counselor. The level of experience needed for camp varies and could be anything from helping out at a club to teaching sports lessons, all depending on the individual needs of the camp. You may be able to gain more experience, and thereby improve your chances of placement, simply by asking in your local community at schools and weekend clubs if they need any help. Local organizations are often very happy for volunteers to get involved and be a part of their team. You can also improve your chances of placement by working to get a qualification in a sport or other activity at which you are already proficient.

How to Apply

Thousands of people apply to work at Summer Camp every year, so you need to do everything you can to help your application stand out. 

To start with though, you only need to put in your basic details on our application form, which is available on the American Summers website, then one of the team will give you a call to open up the full online profile. They’ll guide you through filling it out. 

Follow on from the application form you will complete an interview via phone or video chat.

Further Information

Does it Cost?


Cost Details

£50 is due as proof of intent in order to schedule your interview. After your interview, you can officially be accepted onto the program.*

The final payment of £200 is due once you have been placed at a camp.

*If not accepted onto the program following your interview, the £50 deposit will be refunded to you.

There are Additional Costs such as Police Background Checks, US Embassy Appointment Fees, Flights and Medical Checks, please consult American Summers website for further information.

IENA began in 1995 and offers a more personal approach to Cultural Exchange Programs for the Summer Camp, Hospitality and Retail Industries. Company owners are directly involved with the applicants and visit during the summer. In addition to providing International students the opportunity to work at thousands of hotel, restaurant and retail sites in culture rich tourist areas, to date,

IENA has helped over 80,000 participants learn and share with American children at over 500 summer camps, across the USA. IENA is designated as a J-1 Visa sponsor by the US Department of State. This means we are not a third party agent. We are the responsible body for the program and our participants.