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UPDATED - 24 March 2020

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the University is currently unable to accept physical thesis submissions.

The below guidelines have been prepared to assist students and staff members in making electronic submissions.




  • Submission must be received from the student’s School (Supervisor/PG Office) in the form of a PDF, with completed PDF submission form via QUB Dropbox ( to verify that this is the final approved copy for examination. Student should be added as a dropbox Recipient by School or emailed to confirm.
  • Paperwork (letter of instruction, viva report forms etc.) will be emailed to the examiners as Word documents*, with a soft copy of the thesis, by Student Registry.
  • Approval of the examiners must already be completed on Qsis as usual, or the submission will be rejected until that time, in line with normal procedure.



  • Student should submit their e-thesis to Pure (See also How Do I Upload my E-thesis in Pure?)
  • A completed PDF Library Deposit Form must be received from the student’s School (Supervisor/PG Office) to to verify that the upload is the final library copy approved by supervisor and examiner. Student should be cc’d in.
  • Registry must have received the student’s viva paperwork prior to hardbound submission notification. Where these have been emailed to examiners as Word documents Registry will accept these returned fully completed with digital signatures instead of the usual handwritten signatures via the School’s PG Administrators.
  • Student’s record will be Completed, and an email confirmation sent to student. If the student requires a letter for funding/employment purposes a PDF copy can be created on request.
  • Student will be expected to submit the hardbound copies following re-opening of campus, within 2 weeks of re-opening. In cases where you are unable to submit the hardcopies for legitimate reasons, please arrange with your School for them to submit these on your behalf. If hardcopies are not received after re-opening the Completion will be removed from the record and student made ineligible for graduation until they are received.

If you have any further queries please see or email


* Viva paperwork

FAO Examiners: If you have not received electronic copies of the viva report forms (i.e. the thesis was posted prior to campus closure) please email with the student name and student number if known and these will be created for you. 


Submission Processes

Softbound Submission Process


1) A Notice of Intention to Submit is submitted via your Qsis account - this should be completed approximately 3 months prior to your intended submission date to allow time for your examiners to be appointed.

2) Check that the wording of your title is exactly the same as stated on your Notice of Intention to Submit and that the title of the thesis is approved by the School Postgraduate Research Committee (you can check this via your supervisor). If your title does not match that on your QSIS record you must inform your School office to have this updated.

3) Examiners are appointed. Your School will notify you when your examiners have been approved and appointed. You may not submit before the Nomination of your examiners is fully completed.

4) The "Thesis Submission Form" is completed and signed by both you and your supervisor. Original signature is required (if you are struggling in obtaining an original signature please contact for advice). Please bring one loose submission form along with you when you submit. Do not bind this submission form into the front of your thesis.

5) Submit 2 softbound copies of your Thesis to the Exams Office at Student Registry. We are located on the First Floor of the Student Guidance Centre.

6) If you cannot submit in person, you can have someone submit on your behalf so long as you have given them your signed submission form along with your submission copies. You may also post your thesis to us if you are not located in Belfast (please contact to let us know so that we can expect their arrival).

7) Once you have successfully submitted you will receive a receipt from Student Registry. (In this case of submission via post we will email you confirmation that we have received your theses).

8) Student Registry will then post your thesis copies to each of your examiners along with the report forms for your viva - your School will be in touch with you regarding arrangements for your viva examination.


Hardbound Submission Process


1) Depending on the outcome of your viva you may have some corrections to make to your final version of the thesis. Ensure you complete these within the timeframe specified and send to your examiner to approve them (you will only need to send these to your internal examiner, unless you are told otherwise. Consult your supervisor if you are unsure).

2) Fill out 2 copies of the Thesis Deposit Form with your details, and have your examiner, and your supervisor fill out their relevant sections.

3) Give these forms to your chosen binding service along with the final copies of your thesis – a copy of the forms should be bound in to the front of your hardbound theses before the title page.

4) If you need more information on the format of your hardbounds click over to the ‘Thesis Format’ tab above.

5) When you have your 2 final hardbound copies ready, bring them to the Exams Office window at Student Registry. We are located on the First Floor of the Student Guidance Centre.

6) If you cannot submit in person, you can have someone submit on your behalf so long as all the necessary signatures are on your forms. You may also post your submission to us if you are not located in Belfast (please contact to let us know so that we can expect their arrival).

7) Upon submission, you will fill out your name and student number on the submission record we hold at Registry, and we will make some final checks on QSIS to ensure your thesis title etc. is accurate on the system.

8) You will receive your ‘PhDone!’ tote bag as a token of congratulations, care of The Graduate School.

9) We will post out your qualification letter to the mailing address recorded on your QSIS record – update this prior to submission if it has changed, or will be changing very soon after you submit, so that we can post your letter to the correct place.