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1.    I have changed to Thesis only but my fees are still showing the Full-time or Part-time amount?
You need to check with your School PGR contact that all relevant paperwork has been completed to change your Academic Load. Your school is responsible for updating your record to reflect the change of load. Your School should then notify Student Registry of the change.  Once Student Registry is informed they can amend any enrolments and recalculate the fees.
2.    When should I give notice of my intention to submit?
You should submit your Notice of Intention to Submit through the pagelet on QSIS, three months before your intended submission date which has been agreed between yourself and your Supervisor. Further details on how to do this can be found under section Research Student Management (RSM): 
3.    I need to change the Title of my Thesis. How do I do this?
If you are wanting to change your Thesis title in any way you should always inform your Supervisor, as there can be implications if you have received funding for a specific topic of research.
If you have submitted your Notice of Intention to Submit but haven’t submitted your Soft Submission yet, you will need to update your Supervisor and School PGR contact with the change. In most cases it will be acceptable to make a small change i.e. adding a word or rearranging the words in the Title as long as it doesn’t change the meaning of the research. If you are making a big change to your thesis title you will need to inform your Supervisor and PGR contact as the SPRC will need to approve the title change.
If you have submitted your Soft Submission and are changing the title on your Final Hardbound copies, again this will be fine if it is a small change. You will need to let the School PGR contact know of the change so that your Thesis Submission record can be amended. If the Title change is a recommendation of your viva examination you will need to let your School know if you are taking the recommendation on board, in this instance the title change is supported in the Joint Examiner report.
4.    What forms do I need to submit my Thesis?
When you are making your first Soft Submission you will need to send the ‘Thesis Submission Form’ alongside your electronic copy of your thesis - this needs to be signed by your Supervisor and yourself.
When submitting your final Hardbound submission, you need to bring two copies of the thesis with the ‘Thesis Deposit Form’ bound into each copy of the thesis. This form needs to be completed by yourself, your Supervisor and Internal examiner. If you have two External examiners, then only one of them will need to sign the form.
5.    Will a digital signature be acceptable on the Thesis Submission and Thesis Deposit forms?

Covid-19 Amendment: We will currently accept valid digital signatures on all forms i.e. if it isn’t simply the Examiners typed name but an e-signature or scanned signature.

6.    Where do I submit my thesis to?

You should submit your Soft Submission Thesis to you School who will submit this on your behalf to be recorded by the Thesis Team.

You need to submit your final electronic thesis to PURE and 2 hardbound theses to the Student Registry team directly. We can be found on Level one of the Student Guidance centre. The Thesis can be submitted through the exams window, down the corridor on the right of the Student finance desk. Our colleagues on the Information Desk can guide you if necessary. We are open 9.30am -4.30pm Monday-Friday. Please take note of University holidays. 
7.    Do I have to submit my hardbound thesis copies in person?
No you do not need to submit your thesis in person. A friend or colleague can submit on your thesis on your behalf as long as you have completed your ‘Thesis Deposit form’ in full and signed the form. Alternatively a local binding service may offer delivery on your behalf.

You can post your thesis to:
Thesis Submissions
Student Registry Services
Student Guidance Centre
University Road
Queens University Belfast
8.    How do I check my Thesis for Plagiarism through Turnitin?
You need to speak to your Supervisor as they will be responsible for creating a ‘class’ for you on Turnitin and will be able to provide you with the login details. Once you have access you will be able to upload parts or all of your Thesis to check for plagiarism. You can find video tutorials and advice on how to enrol on a class and upload a chapter at the following link:
If you have any further queries not answered on the website, you can contact your Supervisor.
9.    Do I need to submit a copy of my ‘originality report’ when submitting my Thesis?
Student Registry do not require a copy of the ‘originality report’ from Turnitin. You will need to provide this to your Supervisor. When your Supervisor signs the ‘Thesis submission form’ they are confirming that they have received a copy of the report and are happy that all relevant plagiarism checks have been made. 
10.  I have attempted to submit my thesis but it has been temporarily rejected, as my ‘Nomination of Examiners’ isn’t complete. How will I know when I am able to submit?
Your Supervisor and school PGR contact are responsible for ensuring your examiners have been approved by the School’s SPRC and their details have been uploaded to QSIS. Once the details are uploaded onto QSIS, they need to be approved by Academic Affairs and set to ‘Approved and Completed’ status. Your Supervisor and PGR contact should update you when your nomination has been approved and you are able to submit your thesis

11.  I have additional material to submit with my hardbound thesis. How do I submit this?
You will either need to submit this material on a CD disc or USB pen which must be securely attached to your written thesis. If you are a Creative Arts Student for example and are required to submit a number of small documents i.e. musical compositions and critical components, please submit these in a box file to ensure all elements remain together in transit.
12.  How do I find out when my viva examination is?
A nominated person in your School office will liaise with all parties involved to agree a suitable viva examination date. Your Supervisor or School office will inform you of the agreed date and time. If you have any issues or concerns regarding the viva you should contact your Supervisor or PGR Contact in your School office.
13.  What happens after the viva?
After your viva examination both examiners will complete a joint examiner report outlining their decision and any further changes that need to made. Your internal examiner will gather together the Internal, External and Joint examiner reports and submit them to the PGR contact in your School office. The Joint examiner report needs to be signed by the Head of School before all of the reports are sent on to Student Registry.
Once Student Registry receives a copy of the examiner reports, the Joint Examiner report is signed off by the Head of Student Registry. Student Registry will then generate an outcome letter which confirms the outcome of the viva and is also signed by the Head of Student Registry. A PDF of the examiner reports will be sent to Students' QU B email address.
14.  How do I find out what date I need to complete my corrections by?
If the outcome of your viva is ‘Degree awarded subject to corrections which must be made to the thesis within three/six months’; you will need to complete your thesis corrections by three/six months after the date of the letter. This is the deadline to submit your corrected thesis to the Internal examiner, not the deadline to submit your Hardbound. You can submit your Hardbounds once your Examiner has confirmed they are happy with the changes and you are able to get your Thesis printed and bound.
15.  What Year do I put on the Spine of my Hardbound copies of my Thesis?
The Hardbound Thesis should have the current year you are submitting your Hardbound copies. For example if you submitted your Soft bound copies of your Thesis in November 2020 but you are submitting your Hardbounds in January 2021. The Hardbound spine should have your name, Degree title i.e. PhD and the year 2021.
16.  I have submitted two Hardbound copies of my thesis. Where do they go when I graduate?
A copy of your thesis is sent to the Library to be recorded on QCAT and made available to other Students, unless an embargo has been approved. The other copy is sent to the PGR contact in your School Office and is distributed by them to your Supervisor or kept in a School archive.
17.  Do I need to submit a digital copy of my Thesis and how do I go about doing so?
Students are required to upload a copy of the thesis via PURE as well as submit two Hardbounds copies to Student registry. More details on this can be found at:
18.  What happens after I submit my Hardbounds?
Once Student Registry receive your Hardbound copies of your thesis they will generate a Qualification letter which confirms you have Qualified to the degree of Doctor/Master of Philosophy etc.
Your Student account on QSIS will be updated to reflect that you have completed all elements of your studies and are eligible for Graduation.
19.  How do I register for Graduation?
Once you have received your qualification letter you will be eligible for Graduation (provided you have submitted your Hardbounds within the deadline for the next Graduation ceremony, see important dates section for confirmation of deadline dates). You will be emailed to your QUB email address once the Graduation registration wizard opens, the email will explain how to register and when the registration wizard closes.