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Finance Concerns

Financial Concerns
Worried about money?

One of the most important things students learn at university is how to manage their money. As well as standing you in good stead for the rest of your life, knowing that your finances are under control can really help you to relax and fully enjoy your time at university.

By taking the time now to make some good decisions, you’ll help to minimise the debt you will have after university.

Money Advice
SU Advice provides advice and guidance on personal finance, debt management, income maximisation and applying for bursaries.

The Money Advice Service provides free, unbiased money advice. The online Budget Planner is a great place to start and why not check out how financially healthy you are by undertaking a Money Health Check. There is a section that specifically focuses on managing money as a student

Financial Support
There are two funds the Support Fund (provided by DEL) and then there is the University’s own Hardship Fund for students not eligible to apply to the other. There are no hard copies of the application form available. Applications to both funds must be made on-line via Qsis by logging in and clicking on the Financial Aid box at the top right hand corner of your home page. Please click here for more information on how to apply to either of the two funds.

Fee Information
The Student Finance Office also provides information on the assessment and collection of tuition fees.

Scholarships and Awards
The University has a number of Scholarships and Awards. Information on these can be found in the University's Scholarships and Awards Handbook.

Oncampus Jobs
Oncampus jobs advertises part-time jobs and one year placement experience for students throughout the year. To register with Oncampus Jobs, sign into Queen’s online - , then select Services > Other.