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Reporting Student

Reporting Student 

What if I have been affected by sexual misconduct?

Sexual misconduct can happen to anyone. There are NO circumstances whereby the victim is to blame or is responsible for this. Sexual misconduct may be committed in person and also by letter, email, text or by postings on social media.

We understand it can be difficult to talk about sensitive issues and it is entirely your choice whether you wish to disclose. If you report to the University please be assured the information you share will be treated in a sensitive, confidential and non-judgemental manner. People react and deal with misconduct in different ways and whatever way you choose will be fully respected.  Our team will support whatever path works for you.

You can access support from the Student Wellbeing Service regardless if the incident happened on or off campus or if it happened before you came to Queen's. Your disclosure will be handled within the bounds of confidentiality, we will respect any decision you choose to make and give you full support and guidance if you decide to report to the Police. 

A range of support options can be explored both inside and outside of the University. Even if you choose not to report the incident to the Police, you can still seek support services within the University as well as counselling offered by Inspire through the University.