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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are a range of subjects that help us to study the world around us in a variety of ways.  This includes looking at our past, present and future through a number of mediums and helping us to make sense of the world and the people around us.

Welcome to the AHSS Pathway!

PHOTO: Sinead Sturgeon
Our Pathway offers a wide-ranging and exciting introduction to the diverse range of subjects on offer in AHSS, and a genuine ‘taster’ of life as a student here at Queen's. Students joining the AHSS Pathway this year will enjoy sessions in Drama, English, Film, History, Modern Languages and Social Policy, as well as an archival workshop with our colleagues in our state-of-the-art McClay Library. You will attend lectures and seminars with university staff and academic guides (who are current students here in AHSS) on topics closely related to the culture and history of Northern Ireland. Sinead Sturgeon
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