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Biological Sciences are the sciences of studying living organisms, such as plants, animals and other living organisms. It can be divided into a number of fields and aims to enhance the way we use technology in research, food security, microbiology, ecosystem biology, sustainability and many other related areas. Graduates are employed in sectors which are addressing worldwide problems such as climate change, food supply and security, biodiversity loss, and global health issues.

Welcome to the Biological Sciences Pathway!

PHOTO: Jeanette Robertson
My name is Jeanette Robertson and I am the tutor for this Pathway route where prospective students have a unique opportunity to learn about a range of Biological Sciences subjects and how they are related to the current global topic of Food Loss and Waste. Through the exciting activities on the BioSci Pathway route, students will get a sample of our School’s Microbiology, Biological Sciences, Marine Biology, Zoology, Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition and Environmental Management degree programmes. This Pathway provides students with an excellent opportunity to sample university life. Jeanette Robertson
Biological Sciences
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