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From driving cancer research forward to accurately predicting the weather, Computer Scientists are powering progress. In fact, everything from social care to cybersecurity or even space travel, relies on the talents of Computer Science graduates. We would say the sky is the limit, but we’re already well beyond that!

A degree in Computer Science teaches you to approach technical problems creatively. It also gives you the information and understanding to find ground-breaking solutions to the world’s emerging problems. The course will also equip you with the practical skills to approach the specification, design, construction and use of computer systems.

Welcome to the Computer Science Pathway!
PHOTO: John Busch
Hi, and a warm welcome to the Computer Science Pathway! You will find this Pathway a really fun and rewarding experience. Students in previous years have taken part in a range of activities. Students mostly study the practice of building different software systems e.g. digital games and experiences. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to explore the process of designing, building and deploying software. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want a chat about the Pathway. John Busch
Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • What do I need to participate in the Computer Science Pathway?

    We would advise that all students check the academic entry requirements (GCSE, A-Levels or equivalent) for each course before applying for their Pathway.  Many courses specify that you must have achieved a specific grade at a specific level in order to be conisidered for a place on the undergraduate programme. Therefore, it is important that you clarify this information as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment.   

    Please click here to be redirected to the Queen's University course finder, where you should find all necessary details - in particular, pre-requisite information.

  • What courses can I study at Queen's after taking part in the Computer Science pathway?

    Students completing this Pathway are eligible to apply for a range of courses under their subject area.  For the full list, have a look at our Pathway Courses Available document for further information.

  • What does the Summer School look like?

    During the Summer School, you will be involved in coursework covering topics such as: 

    Problem Solving

    Foundations of Computer Science

    Artificial Intelligence. 

  • What careers are available for graduates in this field?

    Studying for a Computer Science degree at Queen’s will assist you in developing the core skills and employment-related experiences that are valued by employers, professional organisations and academic institutions. Graduates from this degree at Queen’s are well regarded by employers (local, national and international). The School has links with over 500 IT companies both here and abroad. We benefit from the fact that there are more software companies located in N Ireland than any other part of the UK, outside of London. This offers benefits on many levels for our students, from industrial input to the content of our courses, through to year-long and summer placements as well as activities such as competitions organised by the companies. 

  • How can I get in touch?
    If you have a question about one of our Pathways, or want to ask an academic a question, please email us at and someone will be in touch!
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