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Pharmacy is the study of medicines and their use.   The professional MPharm programme is for those who wish to become registered pharmacists, while the BSc programmes in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical biotechnology offer a shorter route for those interested in working in industry or research. All pathways offer a range of transferable skills suitable to a range of jobs. 

Hello and welcome to the Pharmacy Pathway!

PHOTO: Victoria Kett
This pathway covers both the MPharm programme for those interested in becoming a registered pharmacist, and the BSc pathways in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology for those who might be more interested in research or working in the pharmaceutical industry. You will learn about what medicines are, how they are made and how they work in the body. Those interested in the MPharm programme will have opportunities to engage with activities such as checking a prescription and counselling a patient. You’ll also have plenty of chances to work in groups and bond with fellow students! Victoria Kett
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