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Social Work

Social work is a profession that engages with people and groups in society facing challenges, trying to help and enable them to seek solutions to the difficulties they face. It involves working with complex social problems and understanding needs, rights and risks. Taking a strengths-based perspective, it aims to support, empower, and promote the rights of marginalised and/or vulnerable individuals and groups.

Welcome to the Social Work Pathway!

PHOTO: Audrey Roulston
We are very excited to be offering this new social work pathway, which will offer you the opportunity to learn more about how social workers help people in need and promote social justice. During the programme, you will explore problems or challenges experienced by real people who use our services. You will learn about the social work role with children, disability, mental health, dementia, substance misuse or homelessness. You will meet qualified social workers, learn about career options and our current students will share their personal experiences of the interview, the course and studying Audrey Roulston
Social Work