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The Post-Brexit Security Field on the Island of Ireland

February 14, 2024
Board room, School of Law, QUB (MST.09.022)
12:30 - 14:00
Free of charge

Although security is typically conceptualized within the purview of the state as a means to combat national threats, local communities and civil organisations regularly contribute to the network of activities occurring within the field. These actors complement state services and provide crucial 'bottom-up' mechanisms that help prevent crime, foster peace-building, and enhance community safety. Using a case study approach, this research examines two sites on the Island of Ireland to explore 'everyday' security at the local level and analyse the contributions of informal actors. In envisioning security as the routine, ordinary, felt experiences of individuals in relation to their well-being and safety, the research fills a gap in the literature by highlighting the value of informal security actors in producing and maintaining multi-leveled security. The research additionally develops understandings pertaining to the unique dynamics specific to Ireland’s context, investigating how historical circumstances have impacted the production of security on both sides of the border. Given the resurfacing of tensions related to the post-Brexit landscape, this study has important implications for the future of security across the Island — helping to identify key practices and strengths that will provide lessons for addressing imminent security challenges.

School of Law
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Brexit Legal Politics
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Name Deaglan Coyle
Phone 02890973293