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Beverley Milton-Edwards

Professor Beverley-Milton Edwards

Professor Beverley Milton-Edwards MA PhD NTF FHEA
Professor of Politics
(PhD Exeter)

Contact Details
Room 026.02.003
tel: ++44 (0) 28 9097 3743
Director: MA Violence, Terrorism and Security
Director of Education
QUB Research Portal (Pure)
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Teaching Areas
Political Islam, Middle Eastern Politics, National and Ethnic Conflict management incl - Comparative Ethnic Conflict, Religion and Peace-building, Deeply divided societies - including Middle East, Africa and Northern Ireland.

Research Interests
My research is mainly either about Political Islam or the Politics of the Middle East. I research Islamist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizballah the Muslim Brotherhood and salafi-jihadists such as so-called Islamic State, and Jabhat al-Nusra. I also research areas of Terrorism and Security including Security Sector Reform/Governance and Civil Policing with comparative and regional frames of reference including the Middle East, UK and Brazil. With the Arab world currently gripped by momentous political change my scholarship has reflected motivating factors such as: radical Islamism, democracy and its absence, authoritarianism, civil conflict and political-economy. I continue to focus such research on Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, the Sinai, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, as well as Yemen and Libya.  My research expertise remains in demand from governments such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark. 
In 2013 I was awarded a Queen’s Teaching Award Student nominated category. In 2004 I was awarded an ‘Oscar of Higher Education’ – a National Teaching Fellowship. I was awarded THES/LTSN E-tutor of the year 2002.

Research Supervision
Islamic politics, Middle Eastern politics, terrorism and political violence, Muslim identities and politics of migrations and borders; comparative ethnic and religious politics; Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Northern Ireland, Lebanon.
I currently supervise students who are working on the following topics:

  • Al-Azhar Unviersity and the state in Egypt
  • Conceptions of nationalism in Jordan
  • The challenge to Consociationalism by the Palestinian refugee population in Lebanon
  • Comparative assessment of Religion and Politics – the DUP in Northern Ireland and LF in Lebanon
  • Arms control and bioterrorism
  • Israeli Arabs and democracy
  • Gender and peace transition Kosovo
  • Northern Ireland reform – a comparison with Spanish Basque and  Turkish Kurds

Recent/Selected Publications
Recent books

  • Islamic Fundamentalism since 1945, Location: London, Routledge, Pagination: 280, Year: 2013, ISBN/ISSN: 0-415 (second edition) 
  • Contemporary Politics in the Middle East Location: Cambridge: Polity, Year: 2011, third edition
  • Hamas: Strategic Challenge to the Peace Process. Location: NOREF, Year 2010 
  • HAMAS: The Islamic Resistance Movement, Location: Cambridge, Polity, 2010
  • Il Fundamentalismo islamico dal 1945, Location: Rome, Salerno Editrice, 2010
  • Jordan, A Hashemite Legacy, Location: London, Routledge 2009
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, a People's War, Location: London, Routledge 2008
  • Conflicts in the Middle East since 1945, Location: London, Routledge, Third Edition, 2007
  • Islam and Violence in the modern era Location: Houndsmills: Palgrave, Pagination: 203, Year: 2006
  • Islam and Politics in the Contemporary World Location: Cambridge: Polity, Pagination: 256, Year: 2004, ISBN/ISSN: 07456 27110

Recent journal articles

  • Hamas’s Islamist Foes, The Foreign Policy Essay, Lawfare, May 2014
  • Islamist versus Islamist: Rising challenge in Gaza, Terrorism and Political Violence, vol. 26:2, March 2014, pp.259-276
  • Hamas and the Arab Spring: Strategic shifts?, Middle East Policy, vol. 20:3, 2013, pp. 60-72
  • B. Milton-Edwards and C. Jones, Missing the devils we knew? Israel and Political Islam amid the Arab Awakening, International Affairs, 89, 2, p. 399-415
  • B. Milton-Edwards, Revolt and Revolution: the place of Islamism, Critical Studies in Terrorism, vol. 5:2, 2012, pp. 1-18
  • Without law? An anatomy of Hamas security: The Executive Force (Tanfithya), International Peakeeping, vol. 15:5, 2008, pp. 663-676
  • The ascendance of political Islam: Hamas and its consolidation in the Gaza Strip, Third World Quarterly, vol. 29, issue 8, 2008
  • B. Milton-Edwards, 'Hamas: Victory with Ballots and Bullets', Journal of Global Change, Peace and Security, vol. 19:3, October 2007, pp. 301-316 
  • Faith in Democracy: Islamization of the Iraqi polity after Saddam Hussein, Location: Journal of Democratization, vol. 13:3, June 2006, pp. 472-489
  • Prepared for Power: Hamas, governance and conflict, Location: Civil Wars, vol. 7:4, Winter 2005, pp. 311-329
  • Political Islam and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Israel Affairs, January 2006, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 65-85
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  • Gaza withdrawal and the security quagmire, RUSI Newsbrief, June 2004, vol. 24:06
  • Waving Not Drowning, Strategic Dimensions of Ceasefires and Islamic movements, Security Dialogue, autumn 2004, vol. 35:3, pp. 295-310. (co-authored)
  • Elusive Ingredient: Hamas and the peace process, Journal of Palestine Studies, summer 2004, vol. 33, pp. 39-63. (co-authored)

Recent book chapters

  • Title: Perpetual Struggle: The significance of the Arab-Israeli conflict for Islamists, Location: Routledge Handbook of Political Islam (ed.) S. Akbarzadeh, London: Routledge. Year 2011 ISBN: 978-0-415-48473-2
  • Title: Islan and Violence, Location: The Blackwell Companion to Religion and Violence  (ed.) Andrew R Murphy, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Year: 2011
  • Title: Israel and the Palestinian Authority: Resigning to Status Quo, Location: America’s Challenges in the Greater Middle East, The Obama Administration’s Policies  (ed.) Shahram Akbarzadeh, New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Year: 2011
  • Title: The democratic freedom deficit in the Middle East, Location: Iraq, democracy and the Future of the Muslim World (eds.) A. Paya and J. Esposito , New York, Routledge. Year: 2010
  • Title: Faith in democracy: Islamization of the Iraqi polity after Saddam Hussein  Location: Democratization in the Muslim World (eds.) F. Volpi and F. Cavatorta , London, Routledge. Year: 2008
  • Title: Politics and Religion, Location: Companion History to the Middle East (ed.) Yousef Choueri, Oxford, Blackwell. Year: 2005, ISBN/ISSN: 140-510-6816
  • Title: Should we talk to Political Islam? Location: Re-imagining security (ed.) Rosemary Bechler, London: British Council, Year: 2004, ISBN/ISSN: 0-86355-536-5 (co-authored)