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Participate at Queen's

Participate in Research at Queen's

Are you an adult with cerebral palsy, aged 24 or older and live in Northern Ireland? If so, a team at Queen’s University Belfast would like to invite you to take part in research called ‘Social participation and quality of life in adults with cerebral palsy’. The team are interested in finding out about the lives of adults with CP so that support and access to appropriate healthcare, employment, education and leisure activities can be improved in adulthood. Participants will be asked to fill in a survey, either online or in person with Claire, and will be given a £10 gift voucher as a token of thanks. Parents or carers of individuals with CP are also welcome to take part on behalf of their loved one. If you would like to hear more or have any questions, you can contact Claire by email at

The following link contains more information about the project and links to the survey, to be completed by individuals with CP or a parent/carer:


The team are also recruiting a comparison group of non-disabled adults who are aged 24+. This will allow us to see differences in the experiences of adults in NI. Participants in this group will also receive a £10 gift voucher in thanks, and will be asked to fill in a survey online.

The following link contains more information for non-disabled participants and links to the comparison group survey: