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Dr Colm Donnelly

Director of the CAF and Senior Research Fellow

Telephone: 028 90 973845

Dr Colm Donnelly has been employed within Queen's University Belfast since November 1999 and during the last 15 years he has been responsible for the instigation and management of a wide range of successful archaeological projects. He was the co-author with Professor Gerry McCormac (now Vice-Chancellor, University of Stirling) of the application that won the university a Queen Elizabeth II Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education on behalf of the Palaeoecology Centre in 2000, and in 2002 he was a member of the cross-faculty team that prepared the successful application for SPUR2 funding to the value of £6.1 million for the construction of a new Archaeology & Palaeoecology Building and its associated AMS Radiocarbon Laboratory. Colm has been in charge of the CAF since it was established in June 2002 to undertake the fieldwork requirements of EHS: Built Heritage (now NIEA). He is line-manager to the CAF team, is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all work schedules.

Colm is an historical archaeologist who specialises in Medieval and 17th-century buildings, and has a particular interest in tower houses, the subject of his doctoral research. A founding member of the Irish Post-Medieval Archaeology Group (IPMAG) in 1999, he is also an experienced field archaeologist and he has directed excavations at a range of sites including Sir Toby Caulfield's early 17th-century manor-house at Castlecaulfield, County Tyrone (2011), and the O'Neill tower house and Sir Arthur Chichester's fort on Castle Hill, Dungannon, County Tyrone (2007).

Since 2010 Colm had led a transatlantic excavation and education programme between the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, USA and QUB. This has involved the excavation in Lowell at a site associated with Irish settlers from the 1840s, and the excavation in Tyrone of a homestead of one of those settler families - the Cummiskeys - at Crossan near Dromore.

Colm is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Historical Archaeology. He is a member of the Past Cultural Change Research Cluster within the School, and the Programme Co-Ordinator for the Masters in Professional Archaeology.  



Vice-President (Ulster) & Member of the Society of Antiquaries of Ireland

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Member of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland

Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management



GAP2045                    From St .Patrick to the Plantation: The Archaeology of Historic Ireland (Module Co-ordinator)

GAP4302 & 7302        Archaeological Excavation: Legislation, Management & Methodologies (Module Co-ordinator)

GAP4307 & 7307        Geophysical Surveying

(Module Co-ordinator)



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