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Erin Hinson

Erin Hinson comes from Colorado Springs, CO, USA. She arrived in Belfast in 2011 to take our MA in Irish Studies, after completing her BA at the University of Pittsburgh, PA.

She enjoyed Queen's so much she decided to return for a PhD in Irish Studies in 2013, completing in 2016 with a dissertation on 'Compounding identities: the production of artefacts within the UVF/RHC prison experience' - which was supervised by Dr Dominic Bryan and  looked at art and handicrafts produced by paramilitary prisoners in Northern Ireland between the 1970s and 1990s.

Se is currently Vice-President of Abbey Research, a research consultancy based in Pittsburg, PA.

You can hear her talk about her project here.

Erin says:

“When I chose to pursue an MA in Irish Studies at QUB, I felt the interdisciplinary focus of the program would best suit my interests in history, anthropology, politics, and art. I chose to study at the Institute because of its reputation as a leading research centre in the UK.

What made the experience most valuable was the incredible support from the staff and faculty at the Institute, who have helped me throughout my time at Queens. As a part of the Institute of Irish Studies I have developed wonderful relationships with a great cohort of past and present students, lecturers, and research fellows. This supportive and engaging environment is the main reason I returned to QUB and the Institute to undertake a doctoral degree.”


Erin Hinson